• When: 09/06/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Soft tail, Rash, Quest, Slim Jim, Knowzit, Bounced Check, Bandcamp, Ranger, Double Dribble, PYT, Forest, Cream Cheese, Rob Carruthers (FNG) - Cheerwine, Pick Up, VJ Lirio (FNG) - Little Help , Fall Back, Bulwinkle, Clip Board, Weekend Special, Tumbler, No Show, Shades of Gray, No Help

How many burpees again? Graveyard dogs enjoying the suck of the burpee

23 Pax including two FNG’s entered the Graveyard on a humid yet glorious end to what some had deemed hell week due to the QIC’s and the unveiling of ‘The Reaper’.  Some Pax where a little worried when burpees where mentioned during the disclaimer…and maybe rightfully so as YHC had thrown a “few” burpees into the workout.

Conditions – Low 70’s and 85% humidity

Intro (disclaimer, FNG’s, prayer)

The Thang:

Two laps around the field, then COP

Straight arm jacks – 20x IC
Imperial Walker – 20x IC
Through the Tunnel – 20x IC
Merkins Thrusters – 15x
Ski Abs – 15x IC
Reverse plank Russian Kicks – 15x IC

Move to the end zone

Ladder suicides
10yd line and back – 5 merkins
20yd line and back – 10 LBC’s
30yd line and back – 15 merkins
40yd line and back – 20 LBC’s
50yd line and back – 25 merkins
60yd line and back – 30 LBC’s
70yd line and back – 35 merkins
80yd line and back – 40 LBC’s
90yd line and back – 45 merkins
100yd line and back – 50 LBC’s

Sprint to 20 – 2 burpees
Sprint to 40 – 4 burpees
Sprint to 60 – 6 burpees
Sprint to 80 – 8 burpees
Sprint to 100 – 10 burpees (Plank when finished)

Sprint to 20 – 5 squats
Sprint to 40 – 10 squats
Sprint to 60 – 15 squats
Sprint to 80 – 20 squats
Sprint to 100 – 25 squats (Plank when finished)

Sprint to 20 – 10 flutter kicks
Sprint to 40 – 15 flutter kicks
Sprint to 60 – 20 flutter kicks
Sprint to 80 – 25 flutter kicks
Sprint to 100 – 30 flutter kicks (Plank when finished

Sprint to 20 – 4 burpees
Sprint to 40 – 8 burpees
Sprint to 60 – 12 burpees
Sprint to 80 – 16 burpees
Sprint to 100 – 20 burpees (Plank when finished)

Sprint to the 50yd line and back, sprint to opposite goal line and back (Plank when finished)


LBC’s x25 IC
Werkins x10 IC
Static Flutter Kick – hold 30sec each leg followed by 6″ for 10sec
Imperial Walkers x35 IC

Return to COT

Count off, ask if there are any FNG’s (if so explain process), introductions, FNG’s (if applicable), announcements, final prayer- BOM, and devotional

Rob Carruthers – works in the wine industry – Cheerwine
VJ Lirio – works in the fitness industry, shorter than No Help and both are Asian – Little Help


Roger Bannister – 4 min mile
Having faith and believing that you can achieve your goals
2 Tim 1:7 – Believe that we can turn our nation back to God


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