• When: 09/02/14
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Gerrymander, Queenie, Uno, Uncle Rico, Plan B, Rust, Magoo, Neckbrace, Brother Si, Bogey, Slate, Shakespeare, Moonshine, Cow Bell, Mellow Yellow, Robert Hood FNG (Overruled), Run Flat, EZ, Swampy, Scotch-guard, Pony, Silverfish, Smithers, Buckeye, Eh!?, Coppertone, EOB, Magic Mike, Phonebooth, Do-Little, Roommate, Kumbaya, Paper Jam, Trix

Hodor, monkey love, and cinder blocks. Oh my.

34 PAX rolled into the dusty parking lot known as #Depot this morning wondering what exactly did YHC have in mind.  Initially, it was nothing.  Literally nothing.  That’s because YHC hit the snooze button about as many times as Kenny Hill hit receivers in the Carolina endzone.  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist – I’m a Gator fan.

September 2, 2014 111641 AM EDT

Conditions: 78 degrees, LOTS of humidity

In YHC’s 1 minute absence:
Mosey to Lower Soccer Fields

The Thang:
Through The Tunnel X 15 IC

Grab a partner.  Line up in rows of 2 and mosey to the playground entrance.

All PAX do flutter kicks while groups of 6 run to the pull-up bars and do 10 unassisted pull-ups.  Run back, next 6 go.  Continue until all PAX have completed.

Mosey back to the beginning of the soccer field with your partner.

Merkins X 10 with your partner (WYP).  Sprint to the 1/4 mark.
Monkey Humpers X 25 WYP (preferably facing each other).  Sprint back to the beginning.
Merkins X 20 WYP.  Sprint to the 3/4 mark.
Squats X 50 WYP.  Sprint back to the beginning.
Merkins X 30 WYP.  Sprint to the rear of the soccer fields.
Flutter kicks X 100 WYP.  Partner carry back to the beginning.  If the partner carry cannot be performed, lunge walk to the 1/2 point and sprint the rest of the way.
Merkins X 40 WYP.  Plank when you’re done.

Mosey to the brickpile and grab one cinder block and line up along the 1/4 mile track.

“The Hodor”
Hodor is this really creepy simpleton on Game of Thrones whose only job is to carry around this crippled little prince named Bran.  Oh, and all he says is his name: Hodor.  So…lift Bran…put him on his back…put him down…pick him up…run with him…etc, etc…you get the point.  That’s his life.

With your cinder block held out in front of you, squat until the block touches the ground, stand, tricep extension the block over your head to your back, squat, stand, bring the block back in front of you.  That’s one.
Do this X 30
Run, with your block, 1 lap around the track.

Russian Twists (with blocks) X 15 IC
Bench Press (with blocks) X 20 IC
Monkey Humpers X 50 OYO

Again no #BurpeeTrain when I Q?  What gives!?  This is the 3rd time now.

Replace blocks and mosey back to the shovel flag.

COT, Name-O-Rama, BOM

Name Chain: Robert Hood -> works as a judge -> overruled  (no really, that’s what we named him and that nickname was not overruled.)

– Thanks to Neckbrace for being ready on the fly and taking charge when it appeared YHC was a no-show
– Monkey Humpers deserve the love.  We did 75 total.  I was sure I saw a bright glow from the PAX with all of the quad burning.
– And yes, Hodor WILL be back.

– TTHH 1730 Thursday at the British Bulldog.  Be there.
– 0515 AND 0530 workouts now available at #Depot.  Be at one of them.
– Still time to HC for GoRuck. Good training opportunity here: http://f3nation.com/2014/08/19/hurricane-hike-10k/
– Mud Run on 10/4. Still time to sign up. Email Smokey at [email protected] if you have a 4-man team. Register here: http://f3nation.com/2014/06/11/mudrun-fall-2014-registration-is-live/
– Salsaritas for Walker every Friday at 11:45-ish at Hwy 378 location. Tell the cashier F3 and 15% goes to Walker.
– Come run with #Swagger M and W at 0530 at Ye Olde Blockbuster (aka old Blockbuster on St. Andrews) and F at 0530 behind the Badonkadonk-butt-factory (aka Dunkin Donuts)
– Hodor
– Hodor
– Hodor

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