• When: 11/14/14
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Dunphy, Bearded Lady, Mayhem, Clinch, Brother Si, Quest, Blindside, Good Hands, Ken Doll

GRC Training: One More Week

This time next week we’ll be waking up on the day of the F3SC Custom GRC. One week left means one more week to #getbetter. 9 pax including special guest Good Hands posted at RBHS and #gotbetter today.

Conditions: 50 degrees, clear

The Thang:

Ruck to practice field

(rucks on)
Merkins x 20 on Qs count
Squats x 30 IC
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
Burpees x 20 IC (6 count)
(rucks off)
Hold rucks overhead (45 seconds)
BBSU x 20 on Qs count
Chest presses x 20 on Qs count
Flutter kicks with rucks raised x 20 IC
6 inches/45/90 with rucks raised on Qs command
Squats with rucks raised x 10 on Qs count
Shoulder presses x 20 IC

Rucks on
Line up on goal line
Bear crawl as a team on Qs command (right arm, left arm)
Plank walk to the right as a team on Qs command
Hold plank, shoulder to shoulder
Tunnel of love width of practice field

Partner up, same height, grab a pole
Start pole on right shoulder
Alternate right to left shoulder on Qs call x 10
Start walking with pole (as a team) alternate shoulder every 10 yds on Qs call

Partner 1 – Pole flips length of practice field
Partner 2 – Lunge with his and partner rucks on

Ruck up
Partners grab pole
Start pole on left shoulder
Alternate left to right on Qs call
Start walking with pole (as a team) alternate shoulder every 10 yds on Qs call

Circle up with rucks on
Merkins x 15 on Qs call
Flutter kicks x 15 IC
Burpees x 15 IC 6-ct



-Good teamwork by the pax today. In addition to the upper body training needed the GRC, YHC wanted to concentrate on teamwork and exercise synchronicity this am.
-Thanks to Good Hands for posting at GRC Training this morning on my birthday. I don’t think we convinced him to join us next Friday.
-We’re going to kill this thing. One voice, work together as a team, enjoy it.

-F3 Lexington Christmas party 12/19 at CCL
-GRC training tomorrow at RBHS per normal; or go to Harbison State Park at 6am

Devo: Clinch left the pax with a verse of the day. Psalms 19:14, “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer”

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