• When: 09/27/14
  • QIC: Estrada
  • The PAX: Bagger, Boogey Woogey, Which One, Estrada, Verizon, Blah Blah, Lego, PAC, Miranda, Ponzi

Gone in 60 Seconds

CONDITIONS: 65 degrees



Example: start clock and when it hits one minute you do one burpee. Rest until the clock hits two minutes and then do two burpees. Rest until the clock hits 3 minutes and do 3 burpees and continue until you cannot complete the number of burpees of the minute on the clock before the next minute starts. Once you cannot finish the amount of burpees within that minute you tap out. Once you tap out you have to go to the brick pile and grab two bricks for yourself and two for someone still in the burpee workout. Three of us made it to minute 15.
Soon as the 15 minute was up everyone was back with the bricks. We immediately started the next workout which consisted of 20 different exercises lasting one minute each. I would give them the next workout at the 50 second mark to be prepared to transition to the next workout and whether or not you would need your bricks or not. Listed below are the 20 exercises that lasted one minute each.
1 Merkins
2 Air squats
3 Arm Circles
4 Should press (bricks)
5 Curls (bricks)
6 Side straddle hops
7 LBC’s
8 Imperial Walkers
9 Mtn climbers
10 Burpess
11 Lunges
12 Punches (bricks)
13 Flutter kicks
14 Triceps extension
15 Knees to elbows (on all 4’s)
16 Hand walkouts (bend over at waist and walk hands out to the push up position and back up)
17 Superman’s
18 Seated trunk twist (with one brick) Russian twist
19 Bear crawls
20 Planks

Finished with putting the bricks back and running one lap before sprinting to the top of stairs.
COT: Estrada

BOM: Estrada

Written by Estrada

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