• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Flipper
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Fire Daddy, Toe Tag, Splinter, Bud, & Flipper

Flipper’s 3 Yr Anni Mile

Conditions: 38 & Clear

The Thang:  To celebrate 3 yrs YHC planned to bring a Flipper Mile to the pax.  To quote Fire Daddy “Anything that starts with 25 Burpees, can’t be good”. And so it began….

1 min warning

Welcome / disclaimer / No FNGs

Going to stay on the track, so starting at the shovel flag today.

COP –  Quick & Easy

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Time to get warm:

25 Burpees

25 Big Boys

25 Squats

25 Monkey Humpers

Run a lap

RnR x 4

Roost pax kicked out 100 reps & a mile with time to put in some block work!  These guys are Beast!

Curls x 20 IC

Overhead Press x 10 IC, mumble chatter nil at this point

Stationary Cusak minute:30ish

Replace Blocks, Cool down lap and a few minutes of Mary

Merkins – Flipper

Flipper Kicks – Flipper

LBC – Bud

Freddie Mercury – Splinter

Boat Canoe – Toe Tag

Russian Twist – Fire Daddy

I don’t’ know… crunches like this… I’ll demo – Tooth Pick

Pax knocked the Flipper Mile out like it wasn’t there!  YHC looking forward to adding to this one in 12 months!  Thanks for the push & being #HIM. #ISI

Announcements & Prayers

Sleigh bell Trot

F3 Lake Murray Christmas Party HC Deadline Nov 24

Roost to converge @ Speed Trap on Thanksgiving for a little getting better & Annual Turkey Bowl

Closing Prayer

Devo – Uniquely You