• When: 2020-02-25
  • QIC: Lapdog
  • The PAX: Neckbrace, Uncle Rico, Jazz Hands, Milkman, Slate, Lemon, Hairnet, Hokie, EZ, Smithers


12 Pax gathered with bright smiles and even brighter clothing (except one but there’s always one) to pay tribute to the little angel Faye Swetlik that was tragically taken from us on February 10th. Thanks to the men at F3 Detention in Lexington for the creation of this tribute #F3ForFaye.

Conditions: wasn’t raining (sucks for all those Pax who were so shook by the rainy forecast That they forgot to set their alarms)


what will it profit a man
if he gains the whole world?—Matthew 16:26

“Life’s not all about success.” Those are fairly heretical words for most of us men—men trying to ascend—men for whom success in careers, success in raising kids, or success in just looking successful have become so important. Planning for success, working for it, worrying about it—they dominate our everyday lives. And, I mean, look around. How could life not be all about success? Well, brother, it’s not. Our King, Jesus Christ, teaches us that it’s not.

“Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot”
(Luke 12:15 MSG).

Now, make no mistake, life is partially about success—we’ve got to spend our lives for something, and we should do that something as well as we can. So, we mustn’t forget success entirely. We just can’t make it an ultimate thing. “If you are too obsessed with success, you will forget to live,” wrote Thomas Merton. When we focus all, or even most, of our lives on achieving success, we fall short of the full life Jesus promises in John 10:10. We miss those parts of life we’re meant to devote to the success of others.

How many of us sacrifice huge portions of the lives we’re meant to live—loving wives; spending time with kids; eating meals with families; hanging out with friends; helping people in need—spending too much time on our own success? How many of us are unavailable to those who need us most, whose lives are enriched by us—and who’ll enrich ours, right back

The Thang


20 x SSH IC
6 Burpees
15 x TTT IC
6 Burpees
10 x LAC IC
6 Burpees
5 x Merkins IC
6 Burpees

With the possible threat of rain, YHC brought a coin to flip to give the Pax a chance at a “dry” workout. If it lands on heads, pax would enjoy their beat down in the comfort of cover. But if it lands on tails, pax were to enjoy the festivities in the open rainy gloom.

Coin was flipped by EZ and it landed with so much grace on tails! Outside it is! But there was one thing missing that clearly impacted quite a few pax this morning…… rain! It wasn’t there!! So pax hopefully enjoyed!

Pax were split up into 2 groups and each team was handed a frisbee and a stack of cards. Each team can throw their frisbee once and then have to pull a card from their stack without looking at what the cards are. Whatever is on the card each pax on the team has to do to be able to throw again.  Also once a Pax has thrown, he can’t throw again until everyone has thrown. The first team around the school wins.

Team 2 was the first to arrive. *monster arms on these guys.. they once threw the frisbee a quarter of a mile* Incredible job guys!

with time remaining we too a mosey to grab a block then lined up at the beginning of the parking lot for block suicides.
Q’sac block to first light and leave it, run back to beginning then back to block to q’sac to the second light pole. Leave block, run back to start and back to block to q’sac to the third light. Run back to start and back to block to q’sac to start. Return blocks.

Finished doing 6’s instead of 11’s for Faye’s age with burpees and pull ups.


GOAT new start time of 5:15
Cottonmouth Saturday
Last Wednesday run at Ballentine Elementary- wheels up at 5:15

Britton, Hampton, Family of Faye Swetlick including all of the officers and everyone who assisted with Faye.

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