• When: 08/06/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: EZ, Quest, Glory Days, FDIC, No Show, Jerrymander, Sparky, Light Bill, Chin Strap, Floppy Disk, Neck Brace, Pebbles

Pain Commences at 26 for Pebbles

12 PAX emerged in the gloom of the lake to weigh anchor in a birthday celebration extraordinaire — complete with a Turkish Delight (or Turkish something), stink bombs (a flatulent gift from Pebbles), and dirty diapers. Just be glad your War Baby Q was a mere 26 years of age this morning…


Squat 13 IC
Lil Arm Circles (13 each direction) IC
Dirty Dog (13 each leg) IC
Description: Get down in Crouching Tiger position (high plank, then bring your legs up into a crouch, keeping your chest above your hands). Lift a leg and wet the hydrant, in cadence. Modified version can be done with knees down, but it’s less work.
Merkins 26 OYO

Around the world // 26 (13 each direction) OYO
KB swing // 26 OYO
Squat // 13 IC
One-arm chest press // 26 (13 each arm IC)
Deadlift // 26 OYO
High Raise // 26 OYO
Calf Raises // 26 OYO
OHead Tricep Extensions // 26 OYO
Bent over one-handed row // 26 OYO
Oblique Lean // 26 (13 each direction) OYO
Half Turkish get-up // 13 right arm #crowdpleaser
Description: Lay flat on your back with one arm extended strait to the sky, elbow locked, and KB in locked position. Begin to stand by sitting up, putting your weight on your opposite arm and lifting your 6 off the ground. Return to starting position. (For complete Turkish get-up, you would completely stand up before returning to start, but 26 of those would have taken the full 45 min.)
IMMEDIATE regret was felt for including this exercise as cries of anguish — including at least one death threat — arose from the crowd.
Shoulder press // 13 IC
Half Turkish get-up // 13 left arm #crowdpleaser

Circuit // 2:60 (AKA 3 minutes, but I wanted to get that 2-6 in there)
10 KB Swings
10 KB Squats
6 Merkins

Duck Duck Goose (AKA Ring of Fire, but today was birthday themed)
In a tight circle, everyone holds a designated position while one man 5 reps of an exercise, then makes a lap around the outside of the group. As soon as he takes off running, the next man begins his 5 reps, then does his lap, and so on until everyone has done 5 reps and a lap.
Round 1 // HOLD: squat position with KB, WORK: KB Squat
Round 2 // HOLD: six inches with arms extended overhead holding KB, (hold KB at six inches too for extra work), WORK: Iron Cross

Walking Lunge // 13 each
Poopy Diaper Carry back to the starting line (hold KB out in front like a baby with a nasty diaper)
Circle up for Mary

Russian Twist (with KB) // 13 IC
Hello Dolly (holding KB straight up) 13 IC
Rosa Lita (holding KB out overhead) 13 IC
Oblique Crunch 13 (each side) IC
Dying Cockroach 26 IC
Ab Stretch


  • Happy Birthday to ME. Trivia for the day, in addition to the 26 reps of everything, there are also 26 different exercises worked in there.
  • Great work, as usual by the Anchor pax. Had some new-to-KB guys out today — good day to join us (at least according to YHC), hope you’ll come back.
  • Half Turkish Get-ups were a real #crowdpleaser.
  • 3 PAX for #Shoreleave afterwards pulling distances of 2.6 miles, 3.1 miles, and 0.Elvis.


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