• When: 2020-06-30
  • QIC: Buddy Love (regardless of if we counted or not)
  • The PAX: Coppertone, Soft Toss (respect), Dracula, Darla, Box Wine, Laettner, Fool’s Gold, Lunch Lady, Stage Coach, Neck Brace

Counting? WTF is Counting?

(Pictured above is YCH’s nemesis)


75 degrees and humid (to put it mildly)

Disclaimer/Warm up

  • There was a (partial) disclaimer at least..

The Thang

YHC was looking to fill the 45 minutes with fun for all (while socially distanced of course), and, apparently I have a reputation for running, so I did not want to disappoint. We went and grabbed some blocks and went after it.

Four stations were set up around the big loop at Depot

  • Station 1 – 10 thrusters; 1 curl
  • Station 2 – 10 squat jumps; 1 monkey humper
  • Station 3 – 10 hand release merkins; 1 plank jack
  • Station 4 (the crowd pleaser) – 10 burpees; 1 big-boy sit-up

Each station was a version of “elevens” (i.e., lap two was 9 and 2, lap three was 8 and 3, etc.). Goal is to complete ten laps, which should add up to around three miles (Surprise!).

Thanks to the PAX for starting Mary while I picked up the stations. I ended Mary with 5 burpees OYO to complete the theme of me not counting (maybe I don’t know how to count…who knows?!).

Special mention to Lunch Lady and Fool’s Gold for finishing all 10 laps. Very impressive!

COT/BOM/End Q (again, it counts regardless of if I counted)


Okay, first thing is first. I will admit that I kind of suck for it taking three years for me to Q. Thanks to Fool’s Gold for the nudge. I won’t wait three years for my next one (see how noncommittal that still was…)

As this was my VQ, I wanted to share a little bit about the non “nutty professor” side of Buddy Love, so at Station 1 I decided to play music from my first concert (remember back in the day when you could learn a lot about a person by perusing their CD tower? This was the same general concept.).

To at least one PAX’s dismay, that concert was not Milli Vanilli (sorry to disappoint you, Soft Toss).

It was Lollapalooza 1992 (remember when that was actually a traveling concert?).

I actually owned this shirt… which apparently is now vintage and selling for $130. Also, check out the ticket price from that concert.

We listened to acts from both the main stage (pictured above on the T-shirt) and young up-and-comers at the time that were on the second stage, like Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Pornos for Pyros, and Stone Temple Pilots.

While sweating like crazy, I reminisced to myself about the mudslides that happened during Pearl Jam (below is a picture from that concert I found in the newspaper … isn’t Google impressive… also, YHC is not in that picture, so stop trying to find me).

It was a simpler time back then, when I found not getting a haircut to be less of a problem (this picture is actually from 1994, but you get the idea).

(Yes, YHC was that cool.)

So there’s my trip down memory lane… and a little info on YHC for those that were interested (and those that weren’t too I guess).

So now for the sappy part.

Thanks to all of you guys (I still can’t bring myself to say y’all) for pushing me over the last three years. As the picture above makes obvious, I currently am in the best shape of my life and have you men to thank for it. I appreciate Hostel for talking my into this three years ago (even though he fartsacked today). Also, thanks to him and Stagecoach for picking me up that morning. Thanks to Faulkner (remember him?) for helping me understand the lingo that first workout. I appreciate all the nudges from Fool’s Gold over text to get my ass there in the morning. Big thanks to all of the Depot PAX that have impacted my life in a positive way over the last three years (way too many to list as I don’t have the time on my hands that Fool’s Gold does). Thank you all, I truly appreciate it. I posted a marathon PR last year and the Depot beatdowns were definitely a big part of that training (as you can see my 2.0 crossed the finish line with me).


  • Fool’s gold said something about a camping trip. Look for the info on Twitter.
  • Convergence at Depot on Saturday!


Buddy Love [1] doesn’t count, [2] went to a concert, and [3] doesn’t think you guys suck.

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