• When: 2018-02-20
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Anthrax, Reload, Carville, Sparky, Carpool, Sweetheart, Howler, Hall Pass (R), Road Rage, Light Bill, Rudy, Tuber

Come On In, and Fix You A Plate

YHC has been sporadic in my posting of late, and that’s just not fittin’.  When I saw the Q spot open for today, I decided to embrace the philosophy of Chicken and put myself on the sheet so I was sure to actually show. I was glad I did, and the 12 of us that were there were lucky enough to be equipped with some 45# friends from the back of Sparky’s truck, so off we went.


The Conditions: 60 degrees and foggy


The Thang:


Warmup lap around the parking loop


20 Merkins OYO

IW X 20 IC

20 Merkins OYO

TTT (per AO policy) X 20 IC

20 Merkins OYO


20 Merkins OYO


Count off into 3 groups (3 plates, 3 groups), each group grab a plate and head to our beloved Cheese Grater

Each group place PAX at each end of grater.  All PAX to complete 50 Burpees, 100 BBSU, and 200 OAC in whatever order they choose.  The caviat?  At all times, one PAX is to be completing Hair Burners back and forth, switching off when you get to your teammate on opposite side. By my best estimation, all PAX had the good fortune to complete 5-6 passes with the plate, much to their plainly stated delight.




Grab a block, go to bottom of hill

Carry block to top of hill

15 curls, 15 OHP, 15 squats

back to bottom of hill, 20 Narwahls

Return block


Back to flag for Mary


Count Off, 12 total



Anthrax actively recruiting for this year’s Beer 200. See him for details, and it’s never too early to begin training.

If interested in donating to ICRC youth scholarship fund, see Hall Pass or Seesaw

Fire Truck Pull, early April, see Stirrups for signup and details



Students at CHS, active shooter threat, kids understandably freaked out. Rudy’s niece in Indianapolis has same situation for today, and DFHS and others have had same recently.  Prayers for students, teachers, staff, and law enforcement.

YHC’s FIL having problems with his sight after DC from hospital.


Closing Prayer



We are welcome to enter into God’s presence—any day, any time. God has removed the barrier that separates us from him. The barrier of sin? Down. No more curtain.

But we have a tendency to put the barrier back up with the curtain of our heart. Sometimes, no, oftentimes, we allow our mistakes and guilty conscience to keep us from God.

Don’t allow a veil of guilt to keep you from your Father. Trust the cross. The curtain is down, the door is open, and you are welcome in God’s presence.


Thanks guys, great to be back with y’all.