• When: 11/29/14
  • QIC: Multiple Dads
  • The PAX: Shank (Xbox, Twist), FNG (Kevin Eubanks)- Clapper (Over Actor), Malfunction Junction (Pavarotti, Gadget), Hugo (Elf on Shelf), Blah Blah (Which One, Boogie Woogie), Lady Liberty (Torque Wrench, Bow Strings), Ken Doll (Thriller, Hound Dog), PAC, Paddle Wacker (Bubba Jubba), Bagcheck (Trigger, Firecracker, Sweet Tooth), Chinstrap (Jazzy)

Cold Family Time Warms The Heart!!!

With a slightly chilly forecast expected, YHC didn’t know how many PAX would post for SnakePit’s inaugural 2.0 Day. YHC’s brain must have still been Turkey logged to question the PAX’s ability to overlook a little coldness because as he pulled into the parking lot he was met by a large handful of Dads and 2.0’s. Thinking they were excited to see him, YHC quickly realized they were just hopping around trying to stay warm. Always wanting to assist the PAX, YHC wasted no time in getting the show on the road to get the blood moving.

CONDITIONS: 30 degrees and calm



Mosey to practice field for COT
SSH x15ic
TTT x15ic
IW x15ic
LBAC x10 (forward/backward)

Malfunction Junction-
Bear Crawl to center of circle
Low Crawl to outside circle

Lunges x10ic
Jumping Squats x20oyo

Ken Doll-
Up and Downs; OC of 2.0’s

Blah Blah-
Burpees x10 oyo

Paddle Wacker-
Jump Squats x15 oyo

Cherry Pickers x20 oyo

Mosey to end line
Dads Plank while kids Fast Mosey to other goal line and return
Flap Jack
Plank til the 6 returns

Wheel barrow to 40 yard line with the Dads doing the driving. Alternate between 2.0’s if you have more than one.

Firemans carry back to goal line with Dads doing the carrying. Alternate between 2.0’s if you have more than one.

Tunnel of Love- Dads Plank while kids receive the Love (crowd pleaser)

Mosey to base of Big Boy Stairs for picture

Mosey back to parking lot.

-Remember brother traveling back to NC and FL
-Christmas Party December 19th

FNG- Kevin Eubanks…. kept clapping his hands as he talked about himself…. Clapper

BOM: Malfunction Junction

Moleskin: As previously mentioned, YHC was didn’t know how many would post for the 2.0 day. T-Claps to all the faithful Fathers who brought their 2.0s out. I definitely want to encourage any PAX that are able to make a 2.0 workout at ANY A.O. to do so. As someone mentioned on twitter, “This may have the biggest impact of all the things we do”. The hardest part of 2.0 workouts is answering “I don’t know” when asked “When can we do it again?” YHC promises to put forth an effort to organize more opportunities for #dadstoleadbyexample

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