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Beep Test at Stride

5 arrived at Stride for the return of the Beep Test. YHC purchased his own speaker this morning so now YHC doesn’t have to find someone to borrow one from every time he wants to do the beep test. Hopefully this will result in the test being conducted more regularly. Will shoot for once a month. Stay tuned to twitter for more details.

Upon arrival, the pax was unable to locate the key for the gate. No problem, we came to run, running is everywhere.

The Thang:

Warmup around the parking lot. Butt-kicks, karaoke, and high knees included.

The Beep Test:

start on a line, when you hear the beep, run to a line 20 yards away. Next, run back to starting line. Repeat until failure. The beeps get closer together.

Results here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhHco_4u69AsdDhGZUIyYTdHT2NpcUhPNXU0YkhKZ2c&usp=gmail#gid=3

Recover jog back to the cars so YHC can drop off speaker.

Jog back to and around the parking lot. Laugh at the Goruckers who have to carry weight. Then jog to cemetery hill.

Fast up to the first light, easy back down.
Fast to the second light, easy back down.
Fast to the third light, easy back down.





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