• When: 
  • QIC: Dufresne
  • The PAX: JD, Ding-a-ling, Spook, Shellback, Dufresne, Mungo

Swagger Pax play chicken on St. Andrew’s Road

Spook, don’t play chicken with the cars, they will win (Newton’s Law of Gross Tonnage).

Conditions: 48 degrees and clear

The Thang:  Apparently the Fart Sack had a hold on a good portion of F3 Lake Murray, but 6 faithful Pax broke the grip and ventured out to #get better!

Swagger XL: Mungo and Dufresne met at 5am for a 2 mile warm up.

Swagger: Interval Work down St. Andrews road: Conversational pace to Irmo High (1 Mile), pick up the pace to McGregor Pres. (1/2 mile), conversational pace to the library (1/2 mile), pick the pace up again to Irmo High (1 mile), conversational pace back to Murray Wood and then all you got back to RIPBB.  Total of four miles.

Excellent work by all.  It was great to see our resident government agents back in the gloom (Shellback and Spook).  I felt much safer with them out there, except for when Spook forgot to get back on the sidewalk!

COT: I’m not sure who led but I am guessing Dufresne.  I had to high tail it home to get kids to school.

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