• When: 2017-08-24
  • QIC: Fired Daddy
  • The PAX: Rudy, Rafter, Road Rage, Holy Water (R), Top Ten, Revco, Gomer, See Saw, Carville, Flux, Hall Pass (R), Squirrel, Mungo, Pop Tart (FNG), Reload, High Lites, Howler, Mater (R), Stirrups (R), Anthrax, Fire Daddy

Back to the Old Stompin’ Grounds

21 pax (including 1 FNG) pushed themselves to get better at Speed Trap this morning.  The call went out a few weeks ago to fill up the Q sheet and few Speed Trap OGs were summoned.  The pax had a sense that running would be involved and naturally they were correct.  After an FNG check (one) and disclosure (YHC had to be reminded he was not a professional), here’s how it went down.

Conditions: Mid 70s and still humid.  Come on Fall

The Thang:

Quick lap around the upper lot and circle up in the center parking area.

SSH (IC) x 10

TTT (IC) x 10

IW (IC) x 10

Windmills (IC) x 10

Head to the corner of road that leads down to the other fields for the main event.

BLIMPS (let the moaning and groaning begin)

Starting at corner of the road that heads down to the other fields, run clockwise around the upper lot

B – Burpees x 10 at first speed bump

L – LBCs x 10 x at next speed bump by restrooms

I – Iron Crosses x10 at next speed bump by building

M – Merkins x10 at next speed bump by building

P – Pull-ups x 10 at next speed bump down by playground

S – Squats x 10 at last speed bump headed to soccer fields.

Return to start and rinse and repeat, adding a rep to all exercises once a round is complete.

With about 5 mins left, YHC started sending pax back to the flag.  Some Mary was done but by the the time YHC and the final pax made it to the flag time was called.

Good to come back and Q at Speed Trap.  Covered 2.5-3.5 miles.  Solid effort by everyone this morning.  It’s not a good Speed Trap Q unless Rudy says he hates you.  YHC will be back again and yep we will run again.


Thirsty Thursday at Tipsy Toad tonight 5 pm and on

Speedt Trap is at Melvin park on Saturday August 26 6:30

FNG – Bobby Tartaglia, from CT, moved from Columbia, 3 kids under 2, works for FBI……Trojan> Pampers>Felony….what’s your last name again, Tartaglia….> Pop Tart

Prayer Requests

Stirrups and his travels

Those families impacted by VC Summer layoffs

BOM and Prayer


“An Hour with Daddy” A short reminder that as work and life gets busy/hectic, make sure you spend time with your kids, spouse, and family.