• When: 08/22/2017
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Choo-Choo, Alter Boy, Tuff Guy, Ocho Cinco, Tea Party.

Looking for a name

6 PAX ignored the temptation to be lazy and came out to enjoy one of YHC’s favorite workouts on a typical humid SC morning.

This particular WO has become one of the favorites among #theherd.  Its such a favorite the YHC is looking to name it.  Submissions will be welcome from #theherd and only #theherd.

After disclaimer and opening prayer the WO went something like this.

Mosey to the concession stand for a warm up of SSH, TT Tunnel, Windmills, merkins, BB Sit ups etc. Mosey to the big baseball field left field foul pole for the THANG.

Start at foul pole 5 squats.  Run perimeter of outfield fence to first light pole 5 merkins. Run to next light pole 5 BB sit ups.  Run to right field foul pole 5 iron crosses.  Run down 1st baseline do 2 burpees at edge of infield/outfield.  Run to backstop 20 calf raises. Run down 3rd base line do 2 burpees at edge of outfield/infield.  Run to left field foul pole and plank for the 6.  Rinse and repeat increasing the squats merkins, BB Situps, iron crosses by 5 reps each circuit.   Work up to 20 reps and back down to 5.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for a few rounds of merry to fill time. Excellent work, excellent effort by all PAX.

Announcements:  Stomp the swamp 5K preview run on 08/23.  Stomp the swamp convergence and 5k on 08/26/2017.  Road trip by members of #theherd to Manning SC to launch new AO on 08/26/2017. See AB for further details.

Prayer requests:  None given.

DEVO:  7 More Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know
http://bible.com/r/10Z day #2.