• When: 9/17/2014
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Melt Down, Moon Shine, Band Camp, Turasi, Slim Jim, Chin Strap, Meat ball, Treadmill, Pajanimal, Shank, Malfunction Junction, Lead Belly, Catfish, Glory Days, Quest

Back to Basic Training

Conditions – 68 degrees, clear

The Thang

15 PAX showed up for a Back to Basic Training for KB’s. After talking up Twitter for about a week, finding some used KB’s that people had either donated or sold to the cause we had a great turnout. Since we had a large group this morning so we had to mosey on over to “The Ant Pile” so we could have enough room to toss around big bells. There were a few that didn’t appreciate that.

Regular Warm up – NO F3 workout is complete without SSH so we started there
SSH x 20 IC
Little Arm Circles x 10 each way

KB Warm up
KB Twist – 10 IC each arm
KB Simple Swing Front to back each arm x 10 IC
Round the world 10 OYO each way
KB Simple Swing Side to Side each arm x 10 IC
Round the World 10 OYO each way

We did a lot of OYO today as we had both some more advanced KB’ers and then some FNG’s to the KB. And I wanted to make sure everyone got a piece of the action and left satisfied. Great Group this morning

The ladders consisted of 3 rounds with 3 exercises Reps per circuit were 15, 10, 5

Ladder Circuit #1
KB Swing x 15 OYO
KB Goblet Squat x 15 OYO
KB Dead Lift x 15 OYO
Plank when you’re done

Repeat above x 10 OYO
Plank when you’re done

Repeat above x 5 OYO
Plank when you’re done

Ladder Circuit #2
KB Curls 2 hands x 15 OYO
KB Tri Ext 2 hands x 15 OYO
KB 1 Arm Shoulder Press x 15 OYO Each Arm

Repeat above x 10 OYO
Plank when you’re done

Repeat above x 5 OYO
Plank when you’re done

Just showing the boys some cool KB exercises that would tax the entire body in hopes that I would get a …”Dang dude, that KB workout killed my _____ I want more”

KB Goblet Squat Jump 3 sets of 5 OYO
KB Turkish Getup 2 sets of 5 each side OYO (planned for 3 but guys were dropping like flies including myself)
KB Lunge Press x 10 OYO each side

All in All it was a pretty good day and the best planned 45 minutes you could ask for.


Tunnel of Towers Fri 9/19
Hurricane Hike 9/20
Mud Run – Last day to sign up
Go Ruck 11/21
Go Ruck PreRuck at Half Moon Outfitters 10/9

Quest has KB’s for sale or for borrow. I will bring them out to every workout I attend and you are more then welcome to use them. First come first server. Hit me up on twitter to reserve them before the day of.

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