• When: 2020-05-05
  • QIC: Slate
  • The PAX: Neck Brace, EZ, Lemon, Depends, Red Card, Darla, Lap Dog, Fools Gold, Latner, Lunchlady, A1A, Milkman, Slate

Back on Cincos De Mayo

Conditions: low 60’s and refreshingly together in the gloom.

Cincos DE MAYO

Performed as a ladder, add the next exercise each time through then work back down

Derkins x 5
Each shoulder tap x 10

Merkins x 15
American hammers x 20
Yard runs x 25
Overhead press x 30

Fairy Jack x 5
Imperial Walkers x 10
Each leg lunge x 15
Squats x 20
The mountain climber x 25
Air chair x 30sec

Big boy sit-ups x 5
Abs de flash x 10
Crunches de little baby x 15
Kickes de flutter x 20

It was great to be back in the gloom albeit socially distanced. I’m thankful for each of you men that keep pushing to get better.

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