• When: 2018-02-15
  • QIC: The Don
  • The PAX: The Don, Stones, Lock Box, Sharknado, Smokey, Sand Dollar, Convoy, FOB, Neuter, Macho Man, Cavity, Aim High

Actual Birthday Q for The Don x36

6 pax posted for Rock Pile, but 12 showed up for The Don’s birthday Q with a quick appearance from Stones.

Conditions: A very nice 63 degrees

ssh x20 ic. 5 outloud, 15 in silence.  If all pax do not finish at the same time there will be 10 burpees.  There was a slight stutter at the end so we only did 3 burpees for punishment
through the tunnel x16 ic
Lil Baby Arm Circles, Foward, Backward, Overhand Clap x10 each IC

10 pull ups OYO

Grab a rock and mosey to the hot dog stand.  Complete 36 of each exercise.
Merkins x36
Squats x36
Big Boy Sit Ups x36
Curls x36
Step Ups x36
Iron Cross x36
Bench Press x36
Lunges x36
Russian Twist x36
Dips x36
Flutter Kicks x36 2 count
Bent Over Row x36
Freddy Mercury x36 2 ccount
Should Press x36
Kettle Bell Swings x36
Mountain Climbers x36 2 count
Carolina Dry Docks x36
Shoulder Taps x36
Wall sit until all pax are finished +36 seconds

Put the rocks back and mosey to chin up bars.  Partner up and complete 36 burpees total.  When done complete 10 pull ups each.