• When: 2018-03-22
  • QIC: Rudy
  • The PAX: Road Rage, Carville, Tuber, Sparky, See Saw, Hall Pass & Flux

A little morning mosey

8 Pax posted in 38 degree conditions under clear skies.  Numbers were obviously low because they knew who was Qing.  🙂  Don’t be scared fella’s!

Start with a prayer: Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ under my feet, Christ beside me, Christ over me, let all around me be Christ.  With Christ in our hearts who shall we fear!

The Thang:

Mile Mosey to warm up.  Circling up is for sissies.

Meet at tennis courts for jacobs ladder.

The distance from one side to the other is short and no hills so RUN!

First round jump squats and LBC’s

Second round mountain climbers and American hammers

Mosey to the concrete bench.

10 step ups each leg, 20 dips.  3 sets

Mosey to gaga pit (I like to call it the Thunder Dome)

Run around the pit for 1 minute, do an exercise for 1 minute.

Exercises: decline merkins, iron crosses, incline merkins, big boys.

Just enough time for another mile mosey. YAY!

COT: No announcements

Pray for See-Alice’s family

Sparky would like to start a “shunning” portion of the COT.  Today we shunned Squirrel.  Mostly because he wasn’t there but also because he deserves it.  🙂  Love Ya’ Squirrel!