• When: 2018-03-22
  • QIC: Tory
  • The PAX: YHC, Brother Si, Perdue, Flowbee, Shakespear, Foghorn, Queenie

4 Corners


7 PAX posted on a chilly morning in March.  Work was done by all.

Warm Up:





The Thang:

PAX mosied over to the football field and did the 4 corner suicides.

Starting at the first corner of the end zone, pax completed 10 merkins, ran 100 yards to other end zone, completed 20 merkins.  Ran back to start point, then ran to the opposite corner in the opposite end zone and did 30 merkins and ran all the way back.  Last lap was all the way around field and pax completed 40 merkins.  We continued this pattern with squats and big boy situps until time was called.  Brother Si finished us off with some flutter kicks.


COT: good luck to all running the P200 and prayers for our brothers not embracing the suck in the gloom!  We hope to see them back real soon!