• When: 10/20/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, PYT, Blindside, Mayhem, Muggy Tape, Quest, No Help

7 Pax waddle, hop, and ruck for some GORUCK Training

7 faithful pax arose out of the fartsack for a chilly start this AM @ the RBHS AO, planted a VSF and took off for some good ol’ GORUCK training.  With no Weinke in hand the pax waddled, hopped, lunged, gatored, and rucked all over this area of the BigBall.  A little bit of improvised GORUCK friendly legorama started, followed by a brief journey.  Great I2 to those who came out and #gotbetter, but even more important the ISI that was shown by the pax persevering together through the pain of carrying around two 50# coupons.

Weather: Perfect for what we’ll probably endure on 11/21 48° and clear

The Thang:


Carry coupons to practice field, drop coupons and Rucks for COP

SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Move to endzone

Duckwalk to opposite endzone (YHC received some MansonLamps when he said to the other endzone) Some sharting may have occurred.

Lunge back to original endzone (some mumble chatter, more grunting than anything)

50 squats OYO

10 merkins on Q’s count, count was painfully slow especially while holding in the down position for 3-5 seconds for each rep

Take rucks off, no straps, frog hop to opposite endzone

Alligator merkins OYO for 20 yards

Sprint back to original endzone

Split into two teams for 5 team merkins.  TClaps to all for this as we successfully completed all 5.

Grab coupons



Ruck for 30 mins (covered approximately 2 miles), one coupon was dropped.  Pax completed 20 squats as a team for dropping coupon.


Prayer – keep Blindsides mother in your prayers, diagnosed with pneumonia.




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