• When: 2019-10-01
  • QIC: Rudy
  • The PAX: Carpool, Fire Daddy, Flux, Revco, Tuber, Rafter, Budd, Toe Tag, Sparky, Grylls, Neck brace, Tackleberry, See Saw, Krusty

6 Years for Rudy

15 Pax posted to celebrate Rudy’s 6 year F3 anniversary.  Special guest included The Roost and out honorable Nan-tan, Neck Brace.

Conditions: 75 and a little humid.

The Thang:

Mosey to cheese grader for a warm up.  6 reps each of some random exercises.

Mosey to the soccer field which was beautifully adorned  with glow sticks and cones.

Line up on end line.  Run to first cone, do 6 reps of the exercise conveniently located on a piece of paper next to the glow stick and cone.  Run back to the end line then back to the second cone, so on and so on in suicide fashion.

Exercises included, burpies, jump suats, mountain climbers, jump lunges, freddie mercuries, apolo ohno’s, american hammers, 80/20 squats, big boys and frog jump to end line.

After 3 rounds of this nonsense we had to improvise.  Cut down on exercises & suicides for last 3 rounds.

Mosey to cheese grader.  6 lunge walks each leg, 6 calf raises. 6 backward lunge, 6 calf raises.  6 side lunge switch sides, 6 more.  6 calf raises.

Mosey to flag for Mary.  LBC, Flutter kicks, iron cross, 6 inches, american hammer, freddie mercury and of course……..BOAT CANOE!!!

I’m truly blessed to be a part of this thang we call F3.  Thanks for everyone who has poured into my life over the last 6 years.  AYE!