• When: 12/6/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Rooney, Candy Stripe, Peggy, Rayban, House, Spackle, The Closer, Cream Cheese, Floppy Disk, Bulldog, Fast Casual, PYT, Shake and Bake, Hanging Chad, Potluck, Utah, Tumbler, Forest, Shades of Gray, Mayhem (The Fort), GI Jane, No Help

22 pax for Indian Run intervals

22 pax rise from their warm fartsacks and go out into the gloom for a No Help beatdown.  YHC had been looking to do something a little different during this Q, which meant avoiding the glorious turf field and avoiding fields in general.  So YHC did a little research, looked at his past weinke’s, and created a plan.

Weather: Low 50’s, cloudy

The Thang:

Two laps around parking lot

SSH x 20 IC
LAC x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Star planks hold 30 seconds

Count off ones and twos

Get in two columns

Indian run to top of Cemetery Hill

Incline merkins x 20 IC
Dips x 20 IC
Step ups x 10 each leg

Two columns continue run to helipad

Circle up, Burpees x 20
Squats x 30 IC

Two columns, Indian run to parking lot past gym

Cerkins x 20 IC
LBCs x 20 IC
8-count body builders x 20

Two columns, Indian run to next stop past tennis courts

Flutter kicks x 30 IC
Werkins x 20 IC

Alternate sprint/jog between light poles to next stop, path by school bus

Burpees x 10
Mountain climbers x 10 IC

Run to start point, Mary

Static flutter kick – hold 60 seconds each leg, then hold 6″ for 10 seconds (crowd pleaser???  YHC heard, don’t Q it if you’re the only one who can do it, #GetBetter #BeBetter (: )
LBCs x 20 IC
Plank thrusters x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC


Pax covered 2.75 miles today, great work on the Indian Runs and #TClaps to Potluck for pushing through on the final run portion and #TClaps for not dropping the Peoples Elbow on the Q.  Good to see GI Jane out again as well.  Also good to see the Forts Mayhem joining in on the good livin.

Also to note, egg-rolls, rice, and low sodium soy sauce are the keys to staying young.


Arthritis Foundation 5K next weekend

Dec 19 Christmas party, HC with Ken Doll (will need final count by mid-week, NLT end of the week)

F3 N. Augusta launch today, F3 Lake Murray going back down on Dec 27.

Families Helping Families


Pray for injured F3 brothers, Skinny Clause (stroke), Say What (hip surgery), Chaser (ankle surgery), Lead Belly (broken foot), continued prayer for Walker and Nail Pops family


Our lives are doors that only have a door knob on the inside, we have to open that door to let Christ into our lives.

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