• When: 2018-01-06
  • QIC: Carville, Rudy, Tuber, See Saw
  • The PAX: Rafter, JD, Fiji (R), Smoky, Clarice, Stirrups (R), Bellhop, Faulkner, Arears, Mungo, Laettner, Brother Si, Smithers, Abacus, Devito, Strawberry, Fools Gold, Boxwine, Radar, Sweetheart, Hoser, Skunky, Bumblebee, Neck Brace, Turkey Burger, Meter Maid, Uncle Rico, Stagecoach, Spano, FOB, Revco, Soft Toss, Meat Sweats, Bud, Splinter, Tori, Lumberg, A1A, Lapdog, Carville, Tuber, Rudy, See Saw

2018 F3LM Regional Convergence: Part I

Pop quiz hot shot; it’s 14 degrees on a Saturday morning, less than a week removed from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You’re lying in your fartsack where it’s nice and cozy with no particular place to be and no particular time to be there. It’s still dark outside when your alarm goes off at 5:30am. What do you do…what do you do? The day is yours, the schedule for today obeys YOUR command. What do you do? For 43 modern-day F3 warriors, these PAX chose to do the harder thing on the first regional F3LM convergence of the 2018. The festivities for the day were held at Speedtrap. Today was all about getting better and starting anew. It’s truly something special to see a band of brothers such as the PAX from F3LM to come out on a bitterly cold Saturday morning to push each other and “leave nothing on the field” for an hour to become better men, husbands, fathers, sons, and citizens. For YHC, it’s a blessing and a privilege to witness and be a part of. It went something like this…

The conditions: mid-teens; cold…very, very cold

Welcome of the PAX, prayer to get things started.

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around the parking lot, circle up at grassy knoll for COP.
·         SSH x 15 IC
·         Windmill x 15 IC
·         Merkins x 15 IC
·         Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
·         LBC x 15 IC
·         LAC x 10 IC (reverse)  

Count off by 4s, head to 4 different stations.

1. Block Party Station:
Gather at end of cheese grater near playground with blocks  (first group can get down blocks, last group can put blocks away) 

Round 1:
-25 Narwhals, 25 overhead press, 25 bent over rows, 25 curls, 25 tricep extensions
-Backward run to end of cheese grater and forward run back

Round 2:
Same thing but 20 reps for each exercise

Round 3:
Same thing but 15 reps for each exercise…

Do as many rounds reducing by 5 reps each time is called

2. Concrete Benches:
10 step-up’s each leg
20 dips
10 incline merkins
10 decline merkins
Take a lap around the parking lot
Rinse & Repeat

3. Pull up bars:
7 Pullups
Run down the hill, then back up to the fence behind the softball field for 15 big boys
Run back to pull up bar area for 20 squats
R&R until time is called

4. Line up at bottom of hill near cheese grater
Run to first light, 1 burpee
Run back, 2 burpees
Run to second light, 3 burpees
Run back, 4 burpees
Run to third light, 5 burpees
Run back, 6 burpees
Run to top of hill, 20 iron crosses
Run back, 20 iron crosses
Run to first light, 7 burpees
Run back, 8 burpees
Run to second light, 9 burpees
Run back, 10 burpees
Run to third light, 11 burpees
Run back, 12 burpees
Run to top of hill, 20 iron crosses
Run back, 20 iron crosses

Mary: YHC’s group was the last to return, so I have no record of Mary. All I heard was the familiar sound of boat…CANOOOOOOOE from Rudy.

·         Handball, Sunday 1/7/18 8pm
·         Dam Run, Feb. 24th
·         Go Ruck event Jan. 26 – 28
·         Sweetheart is retiring as Comms Q for our region. Need someone to take his place.

Prayer requests:
·         PAX (name unknown) from the Mission committed suicide. Prayers for the family and fellow PAX.
·         Nutmeg’s father had surgery last week.
·         EZ lost his grandfather.

Prayer by Brother Si