• When: 
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: 

WOW for 1/1 – 1/7

The main muscle groups in the body are: shoulders, back, chest, arms (bi’s and tries), abs/core and legs. Most Q’s try to hit all of these areas with a little cardio/intensity built in.  However, if you hit all of these areas a little (which is about all you have time for) what is going to be sore the next day?  The answer is nothing.  Sure you’ll get some cardio in and burn off those extra calories, but you won’t be getting any particular part of your body better or stronger.

If your not sore from a workout, then the Q didn’t do there job.  The best way to make the other pax sore is to focus on one or two parts of the body.  For example, a focused workout may only focus on core and legs, or chest, back and shoulders.  If you stick to one, two or three body parts, the pax will be sore the next day and you’ll do your job.  Imagine a workout where you only did one body part.  Imagine how much damage you could do.  Give it a try.

WOW: This weeks WOW comes from Serena at last Tuesday’s Legion.

The Thang: The Route (2 miles): Round the block (R. Landon, R. Woodlawn, R. Cedar Terrace, R. Garners Ferry, R. Brandon, L. Landon) with Pain Stations along the way.

Pain Stations (all single-count exercises x 100 reps):

SSH, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Situps (Reg), Plank Jacks, Butt Kicks, Slalom Skier (from Plank Position), Squats, Ray Charles, Merkins (Reg), LBACs (20 F, 20R, 20 Raise the Roof), Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Merkins (Diamond), Lunges.

The Goods: Serena did a good job of hitting the legs and core in this workout.  Burpees are one of the great core exercises out there, and doing 100 reps is evil.  Add in the flutter kicks, sit-ups, plank jacks, etc., and this definitely left the pax sore.

TCLAPS Serena!