• When: 12/19/2014
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Whisper, Weekend Special, Netflix, Utah, Spackle, House, Meatball, Voltron, Fracture, Nightmare, Forest, Clipboard, Quisenberry, Tumbler, Wiggles, Ken Doll, FNG (Bob Stoker) - Finkle , TNT, Bulldog, No Help

20 pax conquer the pre-Christmas party Reaper

20 pax decided they needed to make some room for the Lexington Christmas party tonight.  So they removed themselves from the fartsack and headed out into the cool gloom.  They found a festive #Reaper staring them down.  The #Reaper is always intimidating, even with a tacky sweater on.



The pax wouldn’t let a tacky sweater #Reaper defeat them, so they moseyed over to the bottom of cemetery hill and set forth on their journey.

Weather: 36°, cool, and a little humidity in the air

The Thang:

Start at the bottom of hill, run up to top, 21 Merkins, run to bottom of hill, 21 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat for 45 minutes adding one rep each round up and down.  Each week we will score the Pax on rounds completed and weight carried. Our first place finisher will have the distinct honor of being our #TheUndertaker for the week.  Points system is as follows: 20 points per round completed (half round when completing Merkins at the top of the hill).  1 point for every 2 pounds carried.

All pax results are posted here


1st Place (#TheUndertaker): Fracture (357.5)

2nd Place: TNT – (262.5)

Most Weight: Meatball and TNT (30lbs)

Most Reps: No Help – 12


Welcomed one FNG, takes a lot to show up at the specialty AOs for your first F3 workout.  Bob Stoker, LE Richland County, FSU fan…crablegs?  Free shoes?  Criminole?  Wide right?  Looks like Jonah Hill (the actor), Superbad? Ray Finkle? Finkle…Finkle it is



Also to note, the #Reaper again drew blood on YHC.  Do not attempt to take off running while a knee is still on the ground or you’ll lose some skin.

photo (1)


Great work by all out there, it’s good to see new faces and add new names to the spreadsheet.  Also it is good to see the improvements by the pax who are truly taking on the #getbetter #bebetter mentality.  It’s a race that’s never a race out there, the race is always against yourself to break through barriers and reach new levels.  If you continuously seek self-improvement, you’ll never hit the proverbial brick-wall.

Prayers – Continued prayers for Walker and Nail Pops family, pray for injured F3 brothers (Say What, Lt. Dan, and others), pray for safe travels to those traveling, pray that we all remember the true meaning of this season…it’s not happy holidays because this is not just any old holiday, it’s Merry Christmas.


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