• When: 9/13/14
  • QIC: Bla Bla and PAC
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Estrada, No Show, Fife, Pac, Julep, Which One, Bla Bla, Harp, Ponzi, Tinkle

2 more leaders have arisen from the SnakePit

CONDITIONS: 75 degrees, no breeze, 90% humidity



For the 2nd workout in a row, the PAX were treated to a co-VQ beatdown. This time at the hands Bla Bla and PAC. Having the VQ bar set high last Thursday, this Duo put the PAX through a workout that could match any of the great ones out there. NO ONE left disappointed!


Mosey to practice field and circle up: Bla Bla
SSH x13 IC
IW x13 IC
TTT x13 IC
WM x13 IC
Merkins x13 IC
LBAC x26 IC (13 forward/13 backward)
BBAC x26 IC (13 forward/13 backward)
Cherry Pickers x13 IC
LBC x13 IC

Mosey to track: Bla Bla
1st Lap-
Jog straight stretch
High Knees thru first curve
Jog straight stretch
Butt Kick thru second curve

2nd and 3rd Lap-
Applesauce (Indian Run)

Mosey to base of the corner stairs: PAC
Sprint to top
Plank Jacks x10 OYO
Descend stairs
Pull-Ups x5-10 OYO
Sprint to top
Squat Jumps x10 OYO
Descend stairs
Pull-Ups x5-10 OYO
Sprint to top
Squats x10 OYO
Descend stairs
Pull-Ups x5-10 OYO

Mosey back to practice field: PAC
Line up on end line and partner up w/ similar size PAX
Wheel Barrow to 20 yrd line, Flapjack and return to goal line
Plank til 6 is done
Bear Crawl to 20 yrd line, Crab Walk back to goal line
Plank til 6 is done
Seal Walk to 20 yrd line, Lunge back to goal line
Plank til 6 is done

Line up on end line: Bla Bla
10 yrd Suicides to the 30 yrd line. Back pedal (jog backwards) on each return
Plank til 6 is done

Jacobs Ladder of Merkins/Shoulder Press: Bla Bla
Reps for each set are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5

Circle up: PAC
Back Bridge Merkins x10 IC (Crowd Pleaser)
LBC x40 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Mosey back to front of gym

COT: Bla Bla

Walker continues to show signs of improvement
Tunnel 2 Tower- Fri 9/19
Mud Run – 10/4
GoRuck – 11/21


MOLESKIN: Once again YHC was thrilled to see 2 more leaders born. The best part is seeing the PAX team-up and working together on the VQ’s. There is a secret in #getbettertogether. SnakePit is quickly becoming the AO that YHC imagined it would at its inception.

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