• When: 11/17/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Knowzit, Bearded Lady, Buzzsaw, Dunphy, Mayhem, Alter Boy, Candy Stripe, Blindside, Muggy Tape, Donatello, Grave Digger, Quest, No Help

13 pax fine tune the GORUCK Training

13 pax arose from the fartsack and headed out into the gloom to fine tune some movements in preparation for the upcoming GORUCK Challenge merely days away.  Log movements and team exercises were the main focus of the training, along with some fast paced rucking.  The pax grabbed two PVC pipes meant to emulate the logs to practice the log shuffle/transfer.  The pax also wanted to practice counts for team exercises.  So off we went to fine tune our movements.

Weather: 50°, foggy with a chance of sprinklers

The Thang

Explain log transfer method, rotate new body in every five mins.  Form two columns, grab pipes, and ruck out (maintain sub 15 minute pace).

Halt on the overflow parking field (arrived just in time for the sprinklers).  Following two exercises all done with the sprinklers spraying all the pax.

Team merkins x 10

Burpees x 15 as a team

Grab pipes and ruck out (remind pax to keep up and maintain pace, this was to ensure we met time hacks that the Q had in mind.  Not meeting time hacks meant burpees, pax quickly caught up)

Rucks off, hold in front for squats x 20 (ensure not to anticipate count)

Rucks overhead, ruck press x 20

Ruck up, grab pipes, and move out

Burpees x 10

Squats x 20

Burpees x 10 (pax wanted to try a different count, QIC had to give in to the pax wanting more burpees)

Ruck hold overhead – 20 seconds as a team


Pax covered 3.5-4 miles (est) maintaining a sub 15-min pace while rucking, excellent job by all with keeping up and following the counts.  All count exercises were done well.

Discussed fine tuning methods, and last minute deals (Thinsulate gloves at TJMaxx in Lexington for $15 and UA pants 36×30).  Get in order by height for log carrying, size matters with team merkins, role of team lead…each pax will need to be ready to lead, listen to team lead, know the pax around you, do NOT go anywhere alone (this includes bathroom breaks), nutrition pre-GRC, hydrate, wet wipes, and most importantly remind yourself that this is not an individual event.

This event is all about a team effort, DFQ.  If you feel like you have nothing left, you’re at your limit, thats when you’ll find out something about yourself…whether you’ll fight through or fly away.  Don’t fly away, the pain will end as will the event.  Suck it up, not just for yourself but for all the other members on your team.  We start together, we end together…no one gets left behind.

False motivation = motivation, even if you’re hating life at the moment, smile because they’re contagious but bad attitudes are contagious as well.  Think about what you want spreading around the team???

Also review the gear list to ensure you have everything listed:

  • Ruck sack
  • Bricks or steel plate
  • Water – min of 2L
  • Cab fare ($20)
  • PT belt/reflective belt around ruck
  • Headlamp w/ extra batteries

Also recommended gear:

  • Gloves, probably an extra pair
  • Dry sack or hard case
  • Extra layers to stay warm
  • Snacks
  • Chapstick
  • Testicular fortitude




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