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If that van isn’t rockin, maybe do some knockin?

AO: Woodshed
Q: Ash
PAX: Ash, Teddy, Side Salad, Silver Bullet, Silent Bob, Chewy
FNGs: None

YHC got a real-time lesson this morning in being flexible, changing the planned Q a few times on the fly. Staying together as a group and focusing on the quality of the rep and not the quantity of the rep was more important than the original drawn out plan.

6 pax volunteered to come to The Shed for a beatdown this morning and traveled off campus with bricks in hand. Lots of great mumble chatter between reps and during the moseys between locations.

10 slow squats
10 through the tunnel in cadence
15 imperial walkers in cadence

Mosey to brick cage. Get 2 bricks each. Mosey across the field to the lower playground.

10 pullups
20 calf raises (with bricks)
30 squats (with bricks)

Mosey to Olde Knight x OW
Arm circle circuit (with bricks) – forward, backward, raise roof, overhead clap – all in cadence x10
10 burpees (with bricks)
20 American hammer twists (with bricks)

Mosey to Moss Springs x Arrow Field
Down and back:
down -> 10 pushups, 10 big boy sit-ups, 10 raise roof
back -> 5 burpees
Plank for the 6
Down and back:
down -> 20 pushups, 20 big boy sit-ups, 20 raise roof
back -> 10 burpees
Plank for the 6

Mosey to Olde Knight x OW
Side straddle hop (with bricks), in cadence x5

Mosey to lower playground
Side straddle hop (with bricks), in cadence x5

Mosey to brick cage. Put bricks away. Mosey back to flag

Corn Dog Stumble Q tomorrow
D2D next Saturday
Charleston 10 Year March 11

Prayers for those impacted by the earthquake

“Hit Your Mark” -Nate Norman, from Press On 100 Devotions book written by 3 F3 Lexington pax
“Don’t let the distractions of life deter you from never taking a shot. God is for you and has a specific target for you to hit.”

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