• When: 2021-10-05
  • QIC: CrabDaddy
  • The PAX: Pondo, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Pipeline, Silent Bob, Side Salad

Woodshed: Meek, not Weak

YHC promised a fun, work will be done workout last night on the Twitter machine.

Warm Up:
25 Side Straddle Hops, in cadence.
20 Little Baby Arm Circles, forward. Hold arms up.
20 Little Baby Arm Circles, reverse. Hold arms up.
~40 yard out and back Butt kickers.
~40 yard out and back high knees.

The Thing:
Mosey to the blocks, each pax gets a block.
Circle up and drop the blocks for a round of Circle 'O Fun #CrowdPleaser. Circle '0 Fun consists of the first pax completing 25 LBCs while the rest do flutter kicks. When the pax hits 25, he hands off the LBCs to the Pax to is left and takes up the flutter kicks until everyone completes their 25 LBCs.
25 Block curls to work on those #PondoArms for those of us not named Pondo.
Block Cusack until YHCs shoulders were feeling it.
20 Block Overhead Presses.
20 offset block squats (left foot on block, right foot on ground, sumo wide. Then jump over block and complete 20 with right foot on the block.
15 offset lunges (front foot on block, rear foot on ground). Switch sides.
15 offset lunges (rear foot on block, front foot on ground). Switch sides.
20 Sumo Squats
25 Block Curls because YHCs #PondoArms were still in hiding.
Yet another Cusack because, why not?
20 block sumo Squats.
20 block Goblet Squats, sumo stance.
Offset Plank (left hand on block, right hand on ground). Hold for about a minute, switch hands. Hold for about a minute.
Recover to your feet.
Another Cusack with the Block because Silver Bullet said he wanted more Cusack.
On your 6 for 30 LBCs on your own.
Staying on your 6, 15 X-Factors.
Lookie there, another Cusack with the block.
Finished the block work with slow overhead presses, raise and lower the block on YHCs calls.
"Slow Mosey" back to Shovel Flag. Stopping at every tree to do 10 squats.
Mosey to Shovel Flag from last tree.
Complete ~40 yard out and back lunge walk.


Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is put others before your self like Christ did.

"Meekness, however, is actually about making the choice to put someone ahead of yourself. A friend of mine describes meekness as restrained strength, laying down your rights, your authority, or your power for the sake of another."


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