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Who Invited Major Pain?


Whoever said an FNG could not bring the pain?  #Swagger met today to enjoy the return of the evaporated H20 compared to Saturday.  We were blessed with the presence of one FNG who brought the pain by pushing everyone to a better time for the trial distance we are currently working with as we begin our new running group.

Conditions: 72 with 94% humidity

The Thang:

From Blockbuster parking lot ran down St. Andrews Road to McGregor Presbyterian Church for the routine 3.2 mile run.  Major Pain encouraged everyone with his 24 years of Army voice experience which pushed everyone during the run.  We will continue this same route Wednesday and Friday before switching to the speed, amble, distance rotation next week.


  • After the pain administered this morning, YHC realized that my breath was no longer lost, I just couldn’t catch it.  Great workout.

BOM: Remember Rx’s son who is facing serious heart surgery in the near future.

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