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Squares of Death From Hell

9 Pax braved the storm and a very sogey field at Dreher to start out a rainy day and Monday.  Cesspool had something new up his sleeve and warned the Pax to be prepared.  He hit the Dreher parking lot Sunday afternoon to try on his own and they were very much worthy of a typical Cesspool workout.  Squares of death is what they are affectionately called and I don’t want to see them again for awhile.

The Thang:

Jog to Hollywood Squares

15 Incline Merkins (4 count)

15 Dips (4 count)

15 step ups each leg (4 count)


Jog to the wall

3 sets of wall squats (1 minute with 30 second rest)

Walk out to other side of field

20 Wide arm Merkins (4 count)

20 Mnt. Climbers (4 count)

Sprint to wall (stop before you get to it)

3 sets of calf raises (4 count 20, 15, 10 upon Roscoe’s request)

Walk out to other side of field

50 Flutter kicks (4 count) Linoleum channeled Beano

20 Merkins (4 count)


Jog to parking lot

4 rounds of SOD’s (Square of Death)

                Walking lunge

                Side Walk Squat

                High Knees



Mossy to Grassy Knoll

30 LBC’s (4 count)

20 Merkins (4 count)

35 Imperial Walkers at the request of the one and only Noodle (4 count)



BOM:  Led by Cesspool



–  Another great Q by Cesspool.  This was a leg-o-rama workout for sure!

–  T-claps to Noodle. On his way running to the workout he was reminded of what lurks in the dark.  A “very large man” said good morning and Noodle was slow to respond.  The man quickly stated “I said good morning” and Noodle quickly obliged.  Noodle thought he was going to have to get some of his F3 brothers to save him.  Luckily it did not get that far….

–  Numbers have been very good for Mondays.  Today was a bit low but what can you expect on a rainy, stormy, Monday.

–  Moon River has virgin Q next Monday.  Come join us!

–  For the record, the Squares of Death really sucked….


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