• When: 11/3/2015
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Staph, Honey Do, Senator, Two Gloves, Hatter, Kamikaze, Hamm, Hot Tub, Temple Boy, Binary, Bang Bang, Meso, Suede(FNG), Prairie Dog

What was worse? The WO or the Mosquitos?

14 PAX arrived at Sandlot for Round 2 of Binary as back to back Tuesday’s he’s Q’d.  Last week was a fill in with this one being prescheduled.  Binary planned to add some variety to our WO and definitely hit the core.  We had 1 FNG, Suede, thanks to an EH from a friend over at F3 Legion.  Thanks for the contact and we hope to help encourage him and make him stronger in more than just physically.


Conditions – 63 and muggy

The Thang

Mosey around building back to soccer fields


SSH burpee (5 SSH IC & 2 Burpees) – 5 sets

Dying cockroach x 15 IC

Low country crab x 15 IC

Little arm circles x 15 IC F/R

SSH Burpees – R&R sets


Two teams of 7

Over/under – Alternate high/low plank while teammates climb over or under across length of field

Mosey to back baseball field

Bear crawl Indian run – Pax in line doing Mt. Climber, back man does 5 Merks and then bear crawls to front.  Do until all go through the cycle

Grab cinders and carry overhead to baseball field – 5 Shoulder Press then partner up

P1- Carry blocks half way across field  P2 – Wide, Reg, Diamond Merks x 5 until return

Rinse and repeat

Each Pax with Cinders – 15 Curls into 15 Shoulder raises

Each Pax puts feet in cinders for 25 Leg presses (great #mumblechatter here as it seems some were not coordinated enough to do the exercise) Transition into  25 Big Boys

At this point Pax are called back up to which some felt the ground was safer than what remained.   They were right.

P1 – Length of Field w/ both P2 Burpees flapjack

Each Pax  50 Chest Press w/ cinder

Each Pax 25 Squats w/ cinder

Circle for Mary

Since only 2 minutes remained what better way to finish than with. . .

Russian Twists

Recover and Mosey back to Flag.

Great mumblechatter today as the slip and slide effect with Over/Unders, gripping with Bear Crawl Indian Run, and Cinder work pushed the pax and brought them together in a unified hate of Binary for the work out.  It made the atmosphere more spirited and the PAX really did push it.  What seemed to be more intense were the mosquitos.  PAX had bites all over after today’s WO.

COT – Binary

BOM – Binary

Devotion – Binary shared John 16:33 and John 17:15 as these two passages speak of Jesus making it clear that trouble will come for us and that it’s not a matter of if we’ll face it but a fact that we know He is interceding for us to protect us in the midst of it.  He encouraged the Pax to know that Jesus is constantly interceding on our behalf if we have accepted Jesus in our heart.


Convergence w/ SawmillSaturday Nov. 21st.  (Sandlot needs to represent more.  Not many Pax present)  Try to make it if you can.  Kudos to Senator, Hatter, and Two Gloves!





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