• When: 2018-07-07
  • QIC: Chewie, Silver Bullet & Teddy
  • The PAX: Chewie, Caboose, King James, Enterprise, Little Bullet, Serena, Shocker, Bookworm, Tapeworm, Teddy, Heisenberg, Corn Dog, Bell, Odyssey, Snookie, Silver Bullet

Visit to The Mission

@F3Woodshed, @F3IronYard, @F3Stumble & @F3LegionLegit visited @F3TheMission today. We tried to bring a little bit of the AOs from the Meadowfield area, i.e. boot camp, kettle bells, and running.

Warm up by Silver Bullet:
Side Straddle Hop (20)
Arm circles forward (10)
Squats (10)
Arm circles backward (10)
Butt Kicks (10)
High Knees (10)

Break up into two groups:
Group 1: 1/2 the guys flip 4′ truck tires while the other 1/2 run around the Finlay Park lake. (Time enough for 2 running laps.)
Group 2: Kettle bell exercises lead by Teddy.

Groups 1 and 2 switch up.

As one big group, jog to the Finaly Park walls and terraces for exercises instructed by Chewie.
Part 1: Bear crawl (or lunge walk) to each wall, and then climb up the wall. (Climb up four terraces.) Jog to the bottom of the terraces and hold plank in expectation of….

Part 2: 10 squats, climb to next terrace, 20 squats, climb to next terrace, 30 squats, climb to next terrace, 40 squats, return to start.

Jog back to AO.

Last exercise to the Moby song: Flower. (Start in plank position. On the word “up” hold plank, on the word “down” hold low merkin or low plank).


Prayers for all of the men at The Mission. Thank you for letting us come out and visit you today.
Additional prayers added this afternoon for Gump and his family.