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Gieusseppi Pepporoni

AO: Valhalla
Q: Fenway
PAX: Baconator, Fenway
FNGs: None
COUNT: 2, Baconater, Fenway
WARMUP: side straddle hop, Through the tunnel, plank stretch,hill billies,windmill,seal claps,arm raise,Imperial walkers,arm rolls,
THE THANG: 25 core and strength exercises with average rep of 20 each to include: incline merkins, chest press,kettlebell swing, gobblet squat, inch worm with merkin, two leg mountain climber, burpees, skull crusher, side lunge, plank jacks, skull crusher, Burpees w/ Gorilla shuffle, plank shoulder tap, curls for.girls, dead bug, man makers, obleak plank stretch
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mount Mitchell Hike Saturday with ribs and “Que” family fun. Murph Monday @ Sandhills
COT:prayers for Baconator’s friend,Fenway’s Granddaughter, Swingline’s Mom, Bayou’s wife

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