• When: 2018-11-22
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Spanky, Enterprise, McLovin, Eldrick, Stacato, Rhonda, Backdraft, Windmill, Zima, King of Beers, Splinter, McNugget, Alter Boy, Venti, Deville, Gaston, Beads, Detour (showed up at the end but he ran sooooo we'll give him a pass).

Turkey Day Workouts are always fun!

18-19 Pax posted to get a little work in before the complete and utter domination of caloric intake that is about to take place called Thanksgiving.  Some of them actually posted to the 0600 workout with Polo and Subprime then stayed for the Double Down.

Conditions:  43 and perfectly sunny

Mosey to the parking lot to the left of Brickpile.  Circle up and count off.  Little warm up circuit before we get into the workout.  All exercises were IC.

25     SSH

15     Mercans

15     Squats

15     LBC’s

Mosey to the corner of Daly and Michigan.  We’ll use this block to do 5, 10, 15, 20, and 5 of each circuit.

Intersection of Daly and Michigan 5 each, Mercans, Squats, LBC’s.

Run to Daly and Devereaux do 10 reps each.  Run to Devereaux and Princeton do 15 reps.  Run to Pinceton and Michigan do 20 reps.  Run to Daly and Michigan do 5 reps.  Plank til the 6 arrives.  Run back up Michigan, left on Princeton, and a left on Kline.  Hault at the intersection of Kline and Daly.  Little set of Mary.

20 Heal Tap Crunches

20 Iron Crosses

10 V-ups

Mosey to the intersection of Daly and Pickett.  As the group moves down Pickett, at each intersection the PAX will do the following circuit, take a right on Gladden.  Then a right on Bratton continuing the same circuit until ending at Daly and Bratton.  (10 sets total)

5     Mercans (Regular)

5     Wide Arm Mercans

5     Diamond Mercans

5     Burpees

Splinter leads Mary until the 6 arrives.

Mosey back to the intersection of Kline and Daly.  Repeat the set of Mary.

20 Heal Tap Crunches

20 Iron Crosses

10 V-ups

Mosey to the intersection of Princeton and Devereaux.  Lunge walk to the 30 mph speed limit sign then sprint to the wall.  Hop the wall and head for the parking lot.

Since Subbie and Polo so kindly put the blocks back in their cage, YHC had to develop something else on the fly.

The PAX split into two groups at one end of the parking lot.  Directions were given to lunge walk to the first island and sprint back.  Then broad jump to the 1st island and sprint back.  Then a lap around all the islands passing the other group.

Mosey to the wall for wall sits.  1 minute of wall sits, sprint to the other side, perform 5 burpees and sprint back to the wall.  1 more round of wall sits.  Shake it out.  AYG to Hollywood Squares.

10 step ups each leg.  Plank for the final 45 seconds.  Done!

BOM:  Cesspool


  • Haiti Under God raffle for the Yeti cooler.  Please support these guys in this mission to build a house in Haiti.  The goal is to raise $10,000 for the supplies and to pay the cooks.  All missionaries are paying their own way.
  • Christmas Party is Dec 14th at Kings Grant Clubhouse.  Details coming from Pinkman (2nd F Q).
  • Be on the lookout for New Year’s workout details.  Start getting your resolutions in order.  Have someone hold you accountable so you can’t waiver.  Find an F3 buddy and set a goal with him.