• When: 2017-10-12
  • QIC: Sweetness
  • The PAX: Misfire, Billy Bob, Pinkman, RA, Duckie, Eldrick, Wally, Gaston, Splinter, Chop Shop

Trip Down Memory Lane

F3 has been valuable to YHC.  It has created friendships and kept me from being super fat.  It all started for me at Trenholm Park (the second home for Hammer, I believe).  So, since it’s been a while since YHC took the Q, I decided we would take a field trip “home.”

Conditions- unreasonably humid.  Thanks Obama.

Disclaimer– I’m not a professional, nor a fast runner, so slow down.  Splinter didn’t care.

The Thang

Baby arm circles forward and backward with some Slumdogs mixed in while we discussed the field trip for the day.

Run to Trenholm Park football field.

All in cadence:

30 SSH

15 slow merkins

15 slow squats


In 3 separate groups, we split up between pull ups, LBCs, and dips on the picnic tables.  Exercise until I say switch.  Each group did each exercise once.

Run over to the tennis courts.  Boy, did this bring back some fond memories.

Partner up.  While partner 1 planked, partner 2 did the 4 court special suicide.  Bear crawl to 1st court, run back.  Crab walk to 2nd court, run back.  Lunge to 3rd court, run back.  Spring to 4th court, run back.  Apparently planking for that long wasn’t fun and YHC heard about it.

Mosey to the end of the tennis court under the street light.  Circle up.

In cadence:

30 SSH

15 Slow merkin

15 slow squat

15 BBSU (because 30 like before was just too much)

Run the “back way using the back door” back towards Satchelford.  Stop at the bottom of Landrum for some more abs.  In cadence: 30 LBCs, 15 pulse ups, and 15 Freddy Mercuries before a car came and Misfire insisted we run back.



Convergence on October 21 at Dreher.  90 minute workout and Hammer gets to lead an exercise.

Several prayer requests for the Hammer group.