• When: 11/28/15
  • QIC: Cheesesteak
  • The PAX: Eagle, Ditto, Birdman, Floater, Purple Pappy, Demo, Purple Pony, with special guests from The Fort: Blackout and Tesh

Tour of Blythewood – 300

Weather – 47 degrees and sunny

8 Sawmill brothers and 2 extended family members from The Fort showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Extending hospitality, we decided on a tour deep into the heart of Blythewood (that which cannot be seen from 77).

The Thang

Mosey over to ballfield parking lot and a few exercises to warmup (AKA stall while waiting for the necessary daylight to navigate).

SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
LBAC – Clockwise, CC, Chinooks x 15 ea
Squats x 20
Slow count merkins x 4 (will be needed later)

Quick explanation of what’s to come – a series of 8 stops throughout town, at each stop the following exercise is repeated OYO with each PAX holding a plank until all are finished:

25 x merkins
20 x LBC
12 x burpees
20 x flutter kicks

Station 1 – parking lot by ballfield
Station 2 – grassy knoll between fields and McNulty Rd
Station 3 – Wilson Blvd side of train tracks
Station 4 – Doko playground

Halftime interlude at playground:
Partner up and one man alternate box jumps / step ups while other does pull ups.

Station 5 – other side of the Doko loop
Station 6 – soccer fields
Station 7 – Blythewood Academy
Station 8 – Home sweet home – Blythewood Park

Including 4 slow count merkins at beginning and counting burpees, 300 merkins completed.  Not to mention about 2 miles of running.  PAX completed the workout so skillfully and efficiently that 10 mins were left.  No time to celebrate as the wall beckoned.

People’s chair w/ shoulder press
People’s chair w/ overhead claps
Calf raises – 1 min per leg


Thanks to all for attending and keeping each other accountable.

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