• When: 07/06/17
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: FallOut, WelcomeWeek, Promo, DoubleMint, TinTin, BiggieSmalls, DoubleRub, Neutron, BackDraft, Spot, Improv, Robber, Beads, Trader

Thunder was on fire this morning with only 2 Stations of Pain

15 came out this morning for a full body workout and to listen to Robbers continuous conversation. Really had a lot of fun this morning and we did a few new exercises too.

Weather: Clear 76 degrees w/80% humidity

Merkins 10 IC
Flutter Kicks 20 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles F/R 15 IC

Jog over to the field and explain today’s workout.

4 cones set up in a rectangle with 2 pain stations on opposite corners.

Start at Station 1 do the exercises, Bear Crawl to next cone then Lunge Walk to next cone which is Station 2 do the exercises, Crab Walk to next cone then Lunge Walk back to where we started and start next loop.

Station 1 (Cone 1)
10 Burpees
15 Diamond Merkins
15 Big Boy Sit-ups
15 Wide Arm Merkins
15 Mountain Climbers – single leg count
15 Regular Merkins
20 Flutter Kicks – Single leg count

Bear Crawl to cone 2, from cone 2 Lunge Walk to cone 3 for Station 2

Station 2 (Cone 3)
10 Burpees
20 Catchers Squats
20 Big Boy Sit-ups
20 Calf Raises
1 minute Fence Sits (like wall sits but on fence)
20 Flutter Kicks – single leg count
10 each leg Pistol Squats (uses fence for support)
20 LBC’s
10 each leg Bulgarian Split Squats using the bench to rest your back leg on

Crab Walk to cone 4 then Lunge Walk to cone 1 and repeat until I call it.

With 5 minutes left we lined up by the track and for those who did not wear a tank top today they did 10 Burpees while we watched from a Plank. Driving home the fact we wear tank tops on Thursdays at Thunder. This was posted on twitter that those who did not wear a tank top would do extra work.

Now with only 2 minutes left we did our F3 Thunder Service Project for Hand. We lined up on one end of the field and we went down the field picking up any fireworks that were still in the field from the 4th of July. It must have been one heck of a show based on what we picked up and what was already stacked by the trash cans.

At the request of the AOQ Beads from now own if you see trash around the school lets pick it up and help keep the school area clean.

See Robbers Email per Promo

BOM – Boris

DVO – Trader

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