• When: 04/21/17
  • QIC: McBeal
  • The PAX: Betamax, Pondo, Kenny G, Lamb Chop, Grilz, Heehaw, Serena, Silver Bullet, Free Bird, Wham!, Pearl Jam, Fudd, Backstop, Chewy, Turnpike, Foxhole, Pipeline, Kamikaze (respect!), Odyssey, Heist, Enterprise, Special K (respect!), Copay, Pi, McLovin, McBeal

#TheCastle 4.21.2017 Anniversary Backblast

One year.  365 days.  156 opportunities to get better.  I cannot say that I availed myself of all of them, or even as many as I should have, but it was a real honor to see how far our organization has grown.  To know the improvement I have seen in myself and in so many of the other men of The Castle.  Guys who simply showed up to get better.  And better they got.  And better they made me and the rest of us.

A late arriving crowd, including an castle worthy siege from our good friends from Stumble.  Even Betamax, as always on his own schedule, made a post-SSH appearance.

Warm Up/COP:

Disclaimer. SSH x20, LBACF x15, LBACR x15, IW x15, High Knees x20, Butt Kicks x20.

The Thang:

Mosey to the dumpster, which is my most favorite place to start the thang, take from that what you will.  Dora Time.  Partner up 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats.  one partner runs to the top of the parking lot and back down while the other grinds out the numbers at the bottom.  Flapjack until completed.  Once numbers completed, both partners take a stroll together for one last lap.  Plank of the 6.

Mosey to the base of #liberalhill for a little Bernie Sanders half way, sprint half way.  15 squats.  F3 does love the threes, so we did that, you guessed it, thrice.

Mosey to the lower tennis court for jacob’s ladder up and down the dirt hill with merkins.  First round 10, 9, 8, etc.  Two more rounds beginning with the number 5.  Only Pondo was confused, but we weathered the storm together.

Mosey back to the circle for one last round of the time honored tradition of side straddle hops.  Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. Done.

The Moleskin:

I am humbled and honored to take the shovel flag as I did after this, the most glorious of anniversaries.  This organization significantly improves lives.  Mine is definitely one of them.  #TheCastle gets a lot of grief for our posh locale, but it has a great group of men who are committed to the work and to each other.  T-claps to Grilz, who in spite of HeeHaw’s alleged naysaying, made this happen for us.  I think the future is bright and I promise to work my tail off to see that it stays that way.

Shout out to my W. Tombee brother Katniss, who’s battling injury.  I know he wanted to be there with us.  His consistency, along with several others, has been an important part of #TheCastle’s success.

Also a shout out to whoever brought the birthday cake oreos.  A true HIM if there ever was one.  Though every car that drove by me had the look of “did that guy go for a run with two packs or oreos” amazement/admiration.



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