• When: 10/16/15
  • QIC: Crab Legs
  • The PAX: Dabo, Angus, Yeti, Spackler, Crab Legs

The R.O.T. 11/16/15

The River of Tears

Conditions- a brisk 38° and clear.

Five #faithful and brave Pax posted this morning for F3 North Augusta’s The ROT (The River of Tears), a #CSAUP event created for the sole purpose of pushing ourselves harder and farther than we have before. AMRAP on this course for 45 minutes and see how far you can get. Push and #GetBetter.

Today’s Pax and their points
Yeti (V post) 2.1-N 320
Angus (V post) 2.1-N 320
Spackler 2.1-N 320
Dabo- 2.2-N 340
Crab Legs- 2.2-N 340

Be warned, this is not your normal F3 boot camp #workout. It is a #CSAUP event designed to be more difficult and therefore should only be undertaken once a week. The ROT is not suitable for FNG’s, unless of course they are feeling extremely frisky.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, post on Monday mornings at 0530 and see what you’ve got.

The Thang

Equipment needed-
You’ll need normal F3 WO attire (gloves optional), a watch for keeping time, and definitely bring water. Rucks or coupons are optional, but are worth additional points.

The start line is on the Morris Museum end of the Riverwalk. Along the Riverwalk Levee are 4 sets of steps, or “stations”. They lead down to the street level at 10th, 9th, 8th, and 7th Streets. Run down river along the Levee, stopping at each station to do a series of exercises.

5- Burpees before descending
10- Squats halfway down
20- Merkins at the bottom
Ascend the steps
10- Squats halfway up
5- Burpees at the top

Once you’ve reached the ramp at 6th Street, turn around and run the entire .6 miles back to the start line. That’s 1 rep. (Which if you’re keeping count is 40 Burpees, 80 Squats, 80 Merkins, and 1.2 miles)
Continue going until the 45 minute time limit is up.

The point system will be as follows-
20 points for each completed station
20 points for the .6 mile upriver run
50 bonus points for each completed full rep

Scoring example-
If you complete 2 full reps and 2 stations, your score will be 340 points
20×10 stations = 200
20×2 Upriver runs= 40
50×2 Full reps= 100
Total points = 340

Rucks or Coupons are not necessary, but if you choose to carry a weighted pack or other coupon, 1/2 point per pound will be added to each scoring item.
Example- the above equation equalling 340 points done with a 10 pound pack would equal
25×10 stations = 250
25×2 Upriver Runs = 50
55×2 Full Reps= 110
Total points = 410

Special thanks to F3 Columbia and the creators of #TheBull for inspiring the creation of The River of Tears. In case you can’t tell, the name is a reference to The Trail of Tears that the Cherokee Indians (who once inhabited the Savannah River Basin) undertook on their exodus from the east coast. Although in no way nearly as deadly as The Trail, the River of Tears is sure to test the will of any man willing to take on the challenge. Another special thanks to Big Bertha of F3 North Augusta for suggesting we do something so ridiculous as this. Yes, he is a masochist at heart.

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