• When: 11/16/15
  • QIC: Turtle
  • The PAX: Turtle, Gump, Fannie, Costanza, OC, Windy, Drive By, Traitor

Ramble is getting faster!

On Mondays we typically work on speed or hills. I made the call last night to incorporate both.  Our route is one we may have run before, with a trip from SPC to the Capitol and back.  The PAX once again laid it down with all 8 finishing within a few seconds of each other.

Conditions:  38 & clear – felt chilly at first, but was good weather for speed.

The Thang:

Leave SPC headed south on Woodrow making an immediate right on Blossom.  Blossom to Harden (right turn) to Green (left turn).  We climbed up Green thru campus & past the horseshoe to Main. We made a right on Main and did a loop around the back side of the State House which dumped us out on Gervais.  We headed east on Gervais back towards 5points, making a right on Harden.  We took a left off of Harden onto whatever street that is that runs into Lee.  For our grand finale we all blistered it up the Lee street hills to Woodrow and back to SPC.

Great work by everyone this morning.  The PAX, like I mentioned earlier, is getting FAST!  I don’t Strava stalk like Cornstache, but it’s obvious!  Great job to Gump on placing in his age group in this weekends Lexington Half Marathon.  I don’t have the official time, but I think he said 1:33 with a pace of around 7:10/mile.  That’s getting it done!


Same as last week!  Let’s go get some Coffee!!

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