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The Iron Question

Never let a Q convince you that leadership doesn’t have it’s privileges.  It’s work, yes, but has its rewards as well… and you get to do what YOU want to do instead of whatever diabolical plan someone else cooked up the night before.

Last night I applied for The Iron Project’s GIB001.  If you’re unfamiliar with The Iron Project (TIP) it’s a leadership training organization created by some of the same guys that first organized F3 and its mission is, first and foremost, to develop leadership in men… much like F3… but with specific training rather than the broader aspects of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  It’s also a way to launch F3 groups outside the reach of the Charlotte/Columbia drive distance.  I’m excited and certainly hope they’ll let me participate in the Group in a Bag leadership retreat coming up in October.

Why the background in a backblast?  Because one question on the GIB001 Application is: “Go run two miles as fast as you can.  What was your time?  How did you feel?”.  Well, I knew how I’d feel about trucking it 2 miles AFAP (As Fast As Possible) but I didn’t know my time and didn’t really want to go test it out, right then, just for the sake of the application.  Enter #Amble and the opportunities of Leadership and the prerogatives of the Q.

Conditions: 67 Degrees BUT 98% Humidity.

The Thang:

Warm up jog from KBC to the corner of Wrenwood and Shady Lane.
2 Mile AFAP: Shady Lane from Wrenwood to the second Milford Lane intersection, the last intersection on Shady, and back.  Once.  No frills…  just max out a 2 miler.
Cool down jog back up the hill to KBC.
Total distance is 3.5 miles but it’s the middle 2 that suck.



  • Thanks, gents, for letting me fulfill a personal requirement on your time.  Responses to the warm and fuzzy question, “how did it feel” included the range of responses from “I liked it”, “winded”, “gassed out”, “that sucked” to, finally, the clincher, “…Oh, *expletive*…”.  Misery does love company.
  • I saw some reflective blinky lights among the Pax this morning.  Thank you.  I am still delinquent in getting serious about my own running safety but will continue to beat that drum and ask you guys to hold me accountable in taking proper steps to getting seen in the gloom.


  • The AmFibious 5K and Float is Labor Day Morning… Check out the Pre-Blast for more details.  If you haven’t signed up, come on out anyway.
  • The Governors Cup Half Marathon on November 9th is coming up.  Expect a second Pre-Blast with the discount code very soon for registering for this great Columbia event.
  • And back to back with the Governors Cup is the Thunder Road Half and Full Marathon on November 16th in Charlotte.  Several F3Columbia Pax will be making this a Half Marathon double header.  See Charlotte’s Pre-Blast for details.  Note that if you’re interested, the rate on that event goes up at the end of this month…
  • We have a waiting list for the Fall Mud Run. The Columbia region has 6 teams, and F3Nation has about 60. If you want to do the Mud Run, it may not be too late. Get on the waiting list and we will do our best to find a spot for you.
  • Alter Boy and Uno are working on a golf outing for October 10. Looks like it will be at Cobblestone and cost $45.
  • 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking a leadership role. Contact him if you’re interested in helping out and be looking for announcements soon for a evening Bible study. ([email protected])
  • HappyHourHumpDay this this evening and every Wednesday. 5:30, this time at Flying Saucer down in the Vista.
  • Likewise, the standing Wednesday lunch today at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline. Noon.


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