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Sprint and Swing


16 pax converged at #Ironyard at the Brickpile for a blend of swings, sprints, and other kettlebell exercises. The bursts of cardio into our traditional kettlebell workout upped our difficulty. The pace of this workout left many in the pax feeling like 6:30 am couldn’t come soon enough.

The Thang:

Cardio Warmup: Arm Circles, Torso Twist, Elbow to Knee, Butt Kicks


Traditional Swing x 30, Wood Chopper, Full Squat Figure 8


Traditional Swing x 30, Bicep Curl, Full Situp


Traditional Swing x 30, Triceps (1 Leg), Jumping Lunges


Traditional Swing x 30, Rack Press, Around the Leg (Alternate)


Traditional Swing x 30, Squats, Full Situp


Situp Series, Around the Body (Switch Directions), Shoulder Shrug (Alternate) Front Pull (Alternate), Traditional Swing x 30


Stretch and Plank


◾The AmFibious 5K and Float is Labor Day Morning… Check out the Pre-Blast for more details.  If you’ve signed up, requested a t-shirt… and haven’t contributed $20, feel free to feel ashamed.  If you haven’t signed up, there’s still time to participate!
◾The Governors Cup Half Marathon on November 9th is coming up.  Expect a second Pre-Blast with the discount code soon for registering for this great Columbia event.
◾And back to back with the Governors Cup is the Thunder Road Half and Full Marathon on November 16th in Charlotte.  Several F3Columbia Pax will be making this a Half Marathon double header.  See Charlotte’s Pre-Blast for details.  Note that if you’re interested, the rate on that event goes up at the end of this month…
◾We have a waiting list for the Fall Mud Run. The Columbia region has 6 teams, and F3Nation has about 60. If you want to do the Mud Run, it’s not too late. Get on the waiting list and we will do our best to find a spot for you.
◾Alter Boy and Uno are working on a golf outing for October 10. Looks like it will be at Cobblestone and cost $45.
◾HappyHourHumpDay this Wednesday. 5:30 at Flying Saucer.
◾3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking a leadership role. Contact him if you’re interested in helping out and be looking for announcements soon for a evening Bible study. ([email protected])
◾Standing lunch Wednesday at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline. High Noon.

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