• When: 2019-12-31
  • QIC: McNugget and BooBoo
  • The PAX: Le Pew (respect), Sheetz, Hawg, Cabana Boy, Venti, Wally, Kitty, Apple, Goosefire (respect), Leon, Billy Bob, Misfire, HeeHaw, Blowout, Tarek, Bindi, Deville, Zima, Duckie, Collar, Garnish, Detour, Kilt, Strom, BooBoo, McNugget

The End of an Era and the Turning of a Page

26 pax showed up for a very special final #Hammer boot camp of 2019.  This was a bittersweet day as YHC passed off the Hammer Flag to a new man in charge, a true #HIM, BooBoo (Caleb Gaston).

Conditions- 46 and breezy, absolutely perfect!

The Thang


Slaughter Starter (Minus 1) 19 burpees


Flutter X 19 IC

Mountain Climbers X 19 IC

Merkins X 19 IC

Grab blocks go to playground:


19 pull ups

19 block merkins

19 curls with blocks

19 squats with blocks

Run bus loop and back

Repeat (2 times for most)

Wall sits for about 2 minutes while McNugget observed.  It was fun for YHC to dish out a little more pain while still in charge, but it was time to pass the flag and call our man BooBoo out.  He is the true definition of a HIM.  He is a leader in the community, his home, his job, and the church.  He pushes it each and every day and will not doubt bring a high level of intensity, focus, and passion to Hammer.  YHC has no doubt that he will lead us into the new year on a strong upward path.


He immediately brings the heat with some of his most favorite exercises.  Not always the most orthodox, but no doubt the kind that will push you to the limits!

20 Turkish get ups

20 curls

20 big boys with block

Mosey to outfield

Bears and blocks

20 overhead press

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”




  • Solid way to close out the year.  YHC had a blast leading the men of #Hammer over the last 18 months.  These pax have lifted me up and I hope you all had a little fun over my time as the AOQ.
  • This combo beat down brought a high level of intensity and even made Venti sweat more than his usual amount.
  • Wally rolled up blaring some terrible orange tinted music.
  • Misfire was his usual pleasant self.


  • NYD Convergence- 0700 Memorial Stadium.  Nantan handoff along with several leadership position changes.  Be there!

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