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The DREDD Bomb

44 pax converged at Dreher on Saturday, most knowing Dredd would Q but few knowing what that meant.

The Thang:

I’m not going to begin to try to re-create the workout on paper, and I’m relatively certain Dredd couldn’t either. After the 1-minute warning, where 44 guys were standing and stretching and chatting in the parking lot, Dredd gave no other communication than “The first exercise is…” and we began the #CircleOfPain right then, right there on the asphalt. I use “circle” loosely here — it was more like an amoeba of pain — no defined shape and constantly changing. Then we hit the road, stopped for a few pain stations, went to The Hill for some Jacob’s ladder, came back to the school. We did something resembling Strings of Fire that I think only Dredd understood — total beatdown. Then we went to the wall for some, um, “closeness” that caused significant #mumblechatter. By that time, I was so oxygen deprived I can’t really remember the rest. I think we did some #Mary to end it. Suffice to say, Dredd delivered a good solid beatdown, chattering all the way. We ran, we lunged, we planked, we squatted, we burpeed, we Jacobed, we #SpilledMerlot; it sucked hard and we did it all together. #BandOfBrothers. For once, I’d like to be in the heads of the 3 FNGs. I hope we see them again.


Ball of Man


  • Hard Commit for AmFibious 5K by August 17th.
  • Robber will be calling to assign Q duties
  • Governors Cup November 9th — YOU CAN DO THIS. Lots of time to train.
  • Happy 33rd TODAY to Dodgeball. Good to see you again.
  • Thanks to Dredd, Crotch Rocket, and Sleuth for your visit, and welcome as well to Ice Man from Greenville #SwampRabbit. Come back any time!


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  1. We laughed, we cried. You left some stuff out @Sway, but there are a million stories in the Naked City. Of note: my #ProclivityPartner @Detour did NOT shy away when the call went out for Brokeback Mountain Squats . . . although he clearly wanted to.

    It’s great to see the #ColumbiaModel at work where the very thing was actually birthed, kind of like getting a BigMac at the very first McDonalds. It gave me the #JimmyShakes. Aye.

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