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Hoppy Tuesday to you.

24 men circled up in the gloom and set out on a Twoadays hopfest that included hopping squats, box jumps and frog hops all over the place. It made for a workout of a different color that challenged every man.

Conditions: 77 degrees with 94% humidity…again…it’s like that dang Groundhog Day movie…”Now put yo little hand in mine…” (Sonny Bono nasal voice)

SoCon Loop (COT to Clemson, Chicora, Furman, Coker, up Clemson to Big School Loop behond the school to #TreeofLife)
Four stops at: Clemson/Coker, Furman/Converse, Furman/Coker, Clemson in front of the school)
0.3 mile run
25x 4 count flutter
15x 4 count Hello Dollies
10x Metronome Merkins (2 count with pause at the bottom)
30x Squat Sequence (10 air, 10 into overhead stretch, 10 into streamline jump)

At #TreeofLife in two groups
Group 1
10x Frog/Broad Jumps
20x Crunches (Legs Bent at 90 deg)
Group 2
20x Box Jumps
20x Crunches (Legs Bent at 90 deg)
Rinse and Repeat X 2

15x V-Ups
10x Metronome Push-Ups
1 minute low plank
Rinse and Repeat x 2

1 minute of People’s Chair
1 minute of Low Plank


Ball of Man led by Twoadays


– The pax were in a musical mood this morning with Chaser and Splinter serenading the pax with Eye of the Tiger during the low planks and both FNGs getting musical nicknames (Sway would be proud). FNG Will Collins to Phil Collins to Genesis to Sussudio. FNG Phillip Vann showed up in a Greatful Dead t-shirt…Lesh. Shout out to Lesh too by the way. No one brought him (no EH). He heard about us and “walked across the street” since he lives right by the AO. T-Claps.

– Big push for big numbers again this Saturday out at Irmo’s #Strut workout. Chaser has the pain…I mean Q.

– AmFibious 5k and Float is coming up. Labor Day morning at 9am. Run 3 miles up river and float back down. We need hard commits to get a t-shirt by 8/17. Proceeds from the shirts will go to our F3 Foundation account for us to use to work in the community. Bring kids on bikes, in strollers, wives, wives in strollers if you get weird like that, etc. Going to be a great time. Hard commit to me ([email protected]), Fountainhead ([email protected]) or Sway ([email protected]).

– Looking for guys to commit to the Governor’s Cup Half Marathon. 11/9 and it’s an off week for Carolina AND Clemson (there goes that excuse). Three months to train and the Amble guys are ready and willing to be your support system. We will modify the Ambles to steadily train you up for the race. The excuses keep getting fewer and fewer. We can do everything but run the miles for you. Don’t think you can run 13 miles? There are middle aged fat women that will train for and finish this race.

What was your excuse again?

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