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CessPool Was Appropriately Named!

12 Pax with 1 FNG greeted CessPool’s virgin Q and he did not disappoint.  The merkin a-rama along with toting bricks most of the morning was a real crowd pleaser.  At one point in the morning there was 1 Pax that asked if CessPool was related to Termite?  Another Pax then was quoted as saying “CessPool was named appropriately.”  The Pax agreed!


The Thang: 

Logo’s Loop with pain stations.

Daly at Devereaux 25 merkins then plank

At Adger lunge walk 25 yards 25 merkins

Run back to lower field 

Lower Field 2 lines

Crab walk 25 yards, 20 SSH, Bear Crawl 25 yards, 20 SSH, sprint to the end of the field, 20 SSH.  Plank until all Pax are finished.  Run to brickpile 


20 incline merkins on block

Arm circles with bricks

Arm raises with bricks

Decline merkins on block alternating each hand on the ground (crowd pleaser)


Run to Wall Street with Bricks

Peoples Chair with bricks and curls 1 minute (3 sets)

Peoples Chair with arms extended with bricks 1 minute


Back to Brickpile

20 block curls

25 three count sit ups

42 three count flutter kicks

20 decline merkins 

Run to Parking Lot

Lunge walk to first line, 20 three count mountain climbers

Lunge walk to middle line, 20 three count mountain climbers

Lunge walk to end of lot, 20 three count mountain climbers (major crowd pleasers as this point)

Sprint back 


Ball of Man 


  • Well done CessPool!  He asked after the workout when he could Q again.  He will be back.  I promise
  • The Pax agreed that the humidity and heat are back in Colatown.  Welcome to Colatown where we always say “we are a screen door away from Hell”
  • We thought we had our first Billy Zane running Logo’s Loop.  Then emerging from the gloom coming from the opposite direction was Jazz (aka Taco).  One Pax stated better late than never….
  • Monday AM bootcamp at Brickpile is a great way to start the week.  Bluegrass has inagural Q next Monday.  Always fun with new Q’s.  Come on out!


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