• When: 11/14/2015
  • QIC: Honey Do
  • The PAX: Two Gloves, Templeboy , Prairie Dog , FMJ , Honey Do

The Circut

5 Pax, took the REDPILL!!

COP:at School

50 / SSH

50 / Little Arm Circle forward & Backward

25 / Flutter

Circle Driveway:

Bear Crawl Around circle / with plank holds when done.

Lunge Walk half way ,then Burpee Broad Jump other half / Hold plank til everyone done.

Circut,Since we were on kids playground,why not play follow the leader.

Rotate every 25 sec,till everyone done.

Monkey Bars, LBC, Stairs,Pullups, Handrails ,

Mosey to Other Playground

Zipline(Fav) , Pull up , walk on rails

Mosey to Low Brick Wall / 25 Bull Dog Merkins

Mosey back to soccer Field..Templeboy takes over

4 corners(half field)

R1…20 Merkins at ea corner

R2…20 Squats

Pass off to Prarrie Dog

10 / Spider Merkins

10  / Spin Jump Squats




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