• When: 07-09-2020
  • QIC: Garnish
  • The PAX: Ducky, Bindi, Collar, Pinkman, Detour, Leon, Zima, Boo Boo, Shira, McNugget, Deville

The BLIMP lands at Lowes

The Hammer PAX descended on Lowes parking lot to get some work in and heart rate up on a soupy morning in Forest Acres.

Conditions: 75 degrees with 88% humidity, not the slightest breeze to be felt. Perfect!

The Thang: Warmup- 20 SSH IC, 10 low and slow squats IC, 20 little baby arm circles forward and back with overhead press IC, 20 flutter kicks IC

Since tennis courts in a grocery store parking lot are a rare occurrence, YHC modified the fan favorite tennis court suicides using 3 light poles and the far end of the parking lot. Round 1-5 burpees and hold plank when done, round 2- 5 BBS and hold 6 inches when done, round 3- 5 lunges each leg and hold air chair when done.

Next, it was time to sound the ALARM to keep the heart rate up. Round 1- 10 each Carolina dry docks, squats, BBS, run around the parking island, merkins. Round 2- 10 each diamond merkins, lunges, flutter kicks, run, merkins. Round 3- 20 each overhead press, Slum Dogs, heel-tap crunches, run, merkins.

Finally, the BLIMP landed. Round 1- 10 burpees, 10 lunges each leg, 10 imperial walker squats, 10 merkins, 10 plank jacks. Round 2- 10 “box” jumps, 30 second low plank, 10 incline merkins, 10 merkins (forgot about monkey humpers!), 10 pulse-ups. Running short on time and on exercises beginning with L, the PAX moseyed back to the flag for a few minutes of abs to finish.

Prayers for Deville, Apple’s mom, everybody to stay safe

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