• When: 02/04/17
  • QIC: Training Wheels (R)
  • The PAX: Heisenberg (R); Argyle; Cheers; Inspector Mom; Coon Dog; Kenwood; Plumbob (R); Knozit; Serena; Robber; Welcome Week; Biggy Smalls; China; Enterprise; Cyclone (R); Grave Digger; Tickler (R); In Sync; Doo Daa; King James; Big Worm; Beta Max; Sheldon; Training Wheels (R); Zuckerberg; FNG Balboa (R). And a late visit from Banjo.

Teamwork at F3TheMission

In keeping with the regional AO visiting schedule, we brought F3TheHollow and F3Shawshank from the Lexington Region (along with a few Columbia groups mixed in) to visit the F3Mission guys.  It was a BIG show of support for these guys, and for some PAX, this was the 3rd leg of a Triple Crown Challenge where they attended 3 workouts in one morning.  Also in continuing our Co-Q mentor/mentee theme, it was Zuckerberg and Training Wheels up this week to bring the pain.


Zuckerberg started off with his famous disclaimer and some warmup.  SSH x 26 ic.  Windmills x 20 ic.  Bend and Reach x 20 ic.  Merkins x 20 ic.  Flutter Kicks x 20 ic.  Crab Cakes x 20 ic (crowd favorite).

Training Wheels let an indian run around the park, stopping at the stepped wall.  Monkey Humpers x 10 ic on the first level, then 4 count Squats x 10 ic on the second level, rinse and repeat until we reach the top.  Head down to the stone retaining wall.  Balls to the wall x 10 ic, People’s Chair 4 count x 10 ic, Air Chair 4 count x 10 ic.  Enough of that, now pull Argyle off the wall so we can continue.

Mosey to the stairs and do bear crawl to the top.  We couldn’t find the grass circle, so we ended up on the concrete patio by the bathrooms.  More teamwork:  pair up and do 20 Patty Cake Merkins x 20.  Then 20 BBSU x 20, locking legs.  Recover, then YHC gave a little talk about being a Mentor.  It’s not that hard, just be yourself and show your mentee that you care and it just gives him somebody to talk to.  Mainly it’s about being a Positive Role Model, not too hard for most of us.  To sum it up, if God is leading you to be a mentor to a program guy, respond with a YES and do it.  Besides, YHC has already gotten the most challenging program guy in Zuckerberg, so any other guys will be easy. (wink, wink).

Let’s mosey back to the big field and line up for some Tunnel of Love.  With 25 PAX, this took a while, but we did finish on time.


F3TheMission does things a little different, starting off with Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama, but then we do AAR (After Action Report) which is basically review of the Q. Good responses, except some were blinded by YHC’s loudly stylish tights, not to be outdone by his wild red and white Hoka sneakers.  OK, enough of that, it was a good beatdown and everybody got their money’s worth.  Zberg even recruited an FNG to join us at the end (along with Banjo after doing the MGC Long Run).  Then we did sharing time, where each guy shared what he is thankful for or maybe a prayer request, or maybe why he’s glad he’s here, but it was all heartfelt time to share some good vibes with each other.  A true staple of the F3Mission workout.

So now time to name our FNG.  Rocky is 55 and born and raised here in Columbia.  Played college sports at Gardner Webb and Winthrop, 2 children, 1 son grown and in Myrtle Beach and 1 daughter here in Columbia, pray for her, it’s a critical time for her education, senior soon to be going to USC.  With a name of Rocky, it’s a no-brainer for Balboa.  Welcome!!

YHC ended with a devo about Teamwork:  First you should find one guy to be your accountability partner, he is your teammate.  You can help each other through anything.  Second you should be involved in F3, it’s a team sport where we all support each other.  And Third, your ultimate teammate should be Jesus, your one-on-one relationship with Christ.  You can ask Him for anything and He will provide.  He can help you thru any challenge that comes up in this world.  We closed out in prayer and took a team photo.

Naked Moleskin:

Guys:  I don’t know a more direct way to live the F3 creed which is “.. to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities” than by raising these men of F3TheMission.  They are literally rebuilding their lives from the ground up.  We as men who are blessed in so many ways, have an obligation to show them the way, show them how a Godly man lives his life, how a man with strong morals and ethics lives his life.  Show them a positive male role model.  They have made commitments to turn their lives around and we need to help them succeed, to win at life and enjoy a happy healthy lifestyle.  I have jumped in with both feet, became a Mentor and spend nearly every free hour I have with my mentee and other guys in the program too.  When you get to know them, they are longing for that male bond so they can stay focused on their recovery and not turn back to their old ways.  They need us and quite frankly, we need them, so we can see how blessed we are in our own lives.  When you show a guy how much you care, God gives you back 10 times the love.  It’s pretty cool, try it out and I guarantee you won’t regret it.



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